• Grüner Spargel aus dem Marchfeld

Apricots, Asparagus & Co

Marillen aus der Wachau

Wachau Apricot

The Wachau apricot (Wachauer Marille) is a specialty known and recognized throughout Europe. It is one of the few Austrian products protected as its own brand within the EU. Anyone who has sampled apricots originating from different regions will immediately notice the special traits of the Wachau apricot. 

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Donaufische im Netz

Fresh Fish

The Danube is a great romping ground for anglers. It features long gravel bars, which offer Danube fish sufficient opportunities to lay eggs, and side-arms of the Danube extending into authentic river wetlands. The most common types of fish in the Danube are pike, zander, huchen and carp.

The best fish in the Danube

Marchfelder Spargel, Spargelhof Magoschitz, Mannsdorf/Donau

Crunchy Asparagus

Anyone who enjoys eating asparagus in Austria knows where to turn: the Marchfeld. The Marchfeld's more than 2,200 hours of sunshine a year and slightly sandy soils are what give excellent white and green Marchfeld asparagus its incomparable flavor. It too is a protected brand in the EU.

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