• Die Weingärten der Wachau mit Blick auf Spitz an der Donau
  • Marillenblüte in der Wachau
  • Weingenuss Ruine Senftenberg © Martina Siebenhandl
  • Die Weingärten der Wachau mit Blick auf Spitz an der Donau
  • Weinverkostung © Martina Siebenhandl
  • Weingläser © Martina Siebenhandl
  • Weißenkirchen © Martina Siebenhandl

Wine Spring along the Danube

Spring on the Danube, a movie waiting to be made

In many respects, life along the Danube seems a bit grander, a bit more precious and international than elsewhere. In the springtime sun, this riverscape makes a perfect setting for heart-warming regional movies, documentations and romances. Enjoyment takes center stage.

Loess Spring at Wagram

About 35 winegrowers in the Wagram region have joined together to celebrate spring and to present the new wines produced the previous year!
Dates in 2021: April 30 to May 30

Vacation Packages

Nibelungengau © Klaus Engelmayer

Tour tips for the spring

Whether your are hiking or cycling, the spring months are such an inviting time for touring the Danube region of Lower Austria and watching nature reawaken.
Our tip: Book hiking packages that include luggage transport!

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