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  • Die Weingärten der Wachau mit Blick auf Spitz an der Donau
  • Thomas Dorfer beim Verzieren
  • Weinstöcke im Frühling, Wachau
  • Marillenblüte in der Wachau

Wine Spring along the Danube

Spring on the Danube, a movie waiting to be made

In many respects, life along the Danube seems a bit grander, a bit more precious and international than elsewhere. In the springtime sun, this riverscape makes a perfect setting for heart-warming regional movies, documentations and romances. Enjoyment takes center stage.

Foretaste of Wine Spring 2020

Weinkost im Weingut Franz & Christine Netzl, Göttlesbrunn, Römerland Carnuntum

Tasting the new wine in Göttlesbrunn

Göttlesbrunn is a wine village located in Carnuntum, a wine region especially well-known for red wines. The village's winegrowers open their cellar doors and tasting rooms in April to present their latest vintages to lovers of fine wines.
Dates in 2020: April 18 and 19

Losgelös(s)t-Winzer vor dem Kloster Und, Krems© Hannes Kitzler


The name of the winegrowers association "losgeloes(s)t" is a play on words. Loess is the typical soil of the region; "losgelöst" means liberated. Rohrendorf and Gedersdorf winegrowers from the Kremstal wine region present their new wines at Und Monastery in March.
Date in 2020: April 4

Blick auf die Wagramer Weingärten

Spring Awakening on Wagram

For a whole weekend, the winegrowers in Wagram celebrate their "Spring Awakening" from may 1st to 3rd.
As mentioned earlier, this wine region has a special geological feature: 20-meter-high deposits of loess. Natural cellars were dug in this soil in earlier times and it is ideal for Grüner Veltliner in particular.

Weinfrühling in der Wachau

Wachau Wine Spring

The Wachau is an internationally renowned wine region with unique stone terraces and is best known for its white wines. During Wachau Wine Spring in early May, more than 100 member winegrowers of Vinea Wachau invite the public to stop in and taste the latest vintage.
Dates in 2020: May 2 and 3

Gäste beim Heurigenbesuch im Sommer

Tour de Vin

Every year on the first weekend in May, the Tour de Vin is held in the Kremstal, Kamptal, Traisental and Wagram wine regions. The 33 member wineries of Traditionsweingüter Österreich open up their cellars at this time. The Tour de Vin button is available for EUR 25 from any member winegrower. Once bought, the button allows the wearer to taste wine in all participating wineries and attend a host of special events.
Dates in 2020: May 2 and 3

Kellergasse in Prellenkirchen, Carnuntum

Wine hikes in Petronell

On a vineyard hike in May, you can find out all manner of interesting and enjoyable facts about the single vineyards in the wine community of Petronell-Carnuntum and about the varieties the Petronell winegrowers produce there.
Date in 2020: May 3rd

Loess Spring at Wagram

About 35 winegrowers in the Wagram region have joined together to celebrate spring and to present the new wines produced the previous year!
Dates in 2020: May 2 to 24

Nibelungengau © Klaus Engelmayer

Tour tips for the spring

Whether your are hiking or cycling, the spring months are such an inviting time for touring the Danube region of Lower Austria and watching nature reawaken.
Our tip: Book hiking packages that include luggage transport!

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Alexander Goebel auf der Bühne


The biggest cabaret and cultural festival in German-speaking Europe has been staged for decades. Every year in May, crowds flock to the Danube town of Ybbs to cheer on top-flight artists and young new talents.
Dates in 2020: April 17 to May 2

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Apps on the subject of wine

Apps zum Thema Wein in der Wachau sowie Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum

The Vinea Wachau app gives you the latest information about winegrowers and their wine-tasting hours, about open heuriger wine taverns, restaurants and their hours plus a great map of the Wachau vineyards. Just download the app for Android or iPhone or visit the website at www.mywachau.at 

The winegrowers of Göttlesbrunn have an app that gives an overview of all wineries, their wines and other products, complete with descriptions and cellar-door prices. A map view of all wineries and GPS position along with a road guidance system helps with on-site orientation. Simply download it for Android or iPhone.

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