• Schifffahrt Wachau © Andreas Hofer
  • MS Austria in der Wachau
  • Schiff in der Wachau © DDSG Blue Danube / www.extremfotos.com
  • MS Austria vor Dürnstein, Wachau
  • Heiraten DDSG © DDSG Blue Danube, Michael Liebert

Ships on the Danube

The Danube and its various regions are particularly charming when viewed from a ship. Enjoy the diverse landscapes, artfully built stone-wall vineyards, broad plains and precious art treasures on both banks that make this one of the most beautiful sections of river valley in Europe. Whether you are riding on a ship along the Danube or visiting it on land: the Danube regions are just waiting to be explored.

There are several companies providing ship service on the part of the Danube flowing through Lower Austria. Most of them connect the towns and villages in the Wachau. For instance, ships run regularly between Krems and Melk. Every Sunday in high season, the old-fashioned paddle steamer MS Stadt Wien takes off from Tulln to the Wachau. There are several connections from Vienna in the direction of Bratislava.

For a special adventure, you might try a tour going downstream on the Wachovia, a ten-meter long vessel modeled on an historical ship. A sporty alternative is a ride in a zille, a flat-bottomed boat common to this region. The many ferries are a fun way to cross the river and explore perhaps the less well-known side of the Danube.

Enjoy your precious time on the Danube in Lower Austria!

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Ferries and Shipping Companies

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MS Austria der BRANDNER Schiffahrt GmbH vor Dürnstein, Wachau

BRANDNER Schiffahrt GmbH

Birgit and Barbara Brandner, two sisters from a venerable old family of mariners, set out in 1995 to establish a new caliber of passenger ship service and cruises on the Danube.

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DDSG Blue Danube vor Dürnstein © DDSG Blue Danube / Christian Woeckinger

DDSG Blue Danube

DDSG Blue Danube offers cruises that open up whole new ways to experience the Danube along the most scenic stretches of the river.

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MS Donaunixe

Donauschifffahrt Ardagger

This private company has been operating passenger ships since 1987 in the Strudengau and the Nibelungengau, two scenic sections of the Danube upstream from the Wachau.

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Ein Herr unternimmt mit einer Frau eine Naufahrt auf der Donau in der Wachau, im Hintergrund sieht man Stift Melk


Enjoy a unique experience, a naufahrt from Melk or Emmersdorf into the Wachau, a World Heritage landscape.

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Twin City Liner bei Bratislava

Twin City Liner

The Twin City Liner takes passengers from Vienna to Bratislava in 75 minutes - high-speed water travel with a maximum of comfort and convenience.

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Motorboat Information

The website of the Lower Austrian motorboat association is a source of interesting and worthwhile information for motorboat enthusiasts: all regional motorboat clubs, water level and much more.

On the practical side: You can download a list of all Lower Austrian clubs along with river kilometer information!