Getting there
  • Radfahren © Andreas Hofer
  • Donauradweg © NÖW / Stefan Fürtbauer
  • Donauradweg vor Weißenkirchen © Andreas Hofer
  • Donauradweg, Blick auf Dürnstein © NÖW / Stefan Fürtbauer
  • Unterwegs am Donauradweg © Andreas Hofer
  • Badespaß am Donauradweg vor Dürnstein © Andreas Hofer

The Danube Cycle Path is one of the most scenic cycling routes in Europe. It extends for about 1,200 kilometers from Donaueschingen in Germany to the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

The Danube Cycle Path also winds its way through Austria, running parallel to the mighty river. There are a total of 410 enjoyable kilometers from the German city of Passau to Bratislava on the border to Slovakia. Of that total, 260 kilometers run through the Lower Austrian Danube region, a wonderful treasure indeed. Tow paths, well-cared-for bike paths and quiet village streets connect both banks of the river. Rest stops with comfortable pergolas for cyclists are inviting places to stop and kick back for a while.

You can be sure of excellent cycling conditions along the Danube Cycle Path. It was officially named a quality cycling route by ADFC, Germany’s most renowned cyclists’ organization. In the test, it received four of five possible stars.

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