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The Danube is the second longest river in Europe and the most important waterway in Austria. It has shaped the landscape and the people along its banks since time immemorial. The part of the Danube flowing through Lower Austria is 260 kilometers long and boasts some of the most scenic sections of this river valley. It is a genuine treasure for the province. The river proceeds from the Nibelungengau in the west through the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape, and on to the gates of Bratislava in the east. 

Herbstlandschaft Kirchberg am Wagram © Robert Herbst

Wine along the Danube

All about the beautiful wine regions along the Danube...

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Schloss Hof © Niederösterreich Werbung / Michal Petrů

TOP Excursion Destinations

The biggest and best known excursion destinations in Lower Austria have joined together as “TOP Excursion Destinations.”

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Wandernde Frau am Welterbesteig

Wachau World Heritage Trail

Hiking from the Danube to wine to apricots.

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Räder am Donauradweg

Danube Cycle Path

The Danube Cycle Path is one of the most scenic cycling routes in Europe.

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Discovery tours along the Danube

With our curated discovery tours, we offer the best tips and hands-on experiences that the Danube region has to offer. Whether it's cycling, hiking, culinary delights, or culture, you definitely don't want to miss out!


on the Wachau World Heritage Trail

The Danube downstream. Happy hormones upstream.

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bike tours

Full speed ahead!

Anyone who cycles along the Danube cycle path will get to know the best spirits of life.

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Enjoyable time

The Danube in Lower Austria – A Pleasure for All the Senses Imagine sun-drenched vineyards and idyllic orchards, mysterious alluvial forests and imposing monasteries and castles, culinary flights of fancy and the finest in wines. A trip to the Danube district of Lower Austria delights all your senses.

Your First Visit to the Danube

There is so much to explore along the Danube! We are here to give you an overview of the big range of available choices so you can put together your dream vacation quickly and easily. To the left you will find entry points to help you find your destinations for exploring the Danube in Lower Austria.

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