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The regions along the Danube in Lower Austria have much to offer: Select a region to find out more about it or scroll down on this page for an overview of top subjects and current offers.

The Danube in Lower Austria

Luftaufnahme Stift Melk und Umgebung

The Danube in Lower Austria – A Pleasure for All the Senses Imagine sun-drenched vineyards and idyllic orchards, mysterious alluvial forests and imposing monasteries and castles, culinary flights of fancy and the finest in wines. A trip to the Danube district of Lower Austria delights all your senses.

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe and the most important waterway in Austria. It has shaped the landscape and the people along its banks since time immemorial. The part of the Danube flowing through Lower Austria is 260 kilometers long and boasts some of the most scenic sections of this river valley. It is a genuine treasure for the province. The river proceeds from the Nibelungengau in the west through the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape, and on to the gates of Bratislava in the east. Its banks are lined with magnificence architecture, picturesque towns and villages, and lush ancient vineyards. Anyone who appreciates art and fine dining will find an abundance of attractions here, as will nature lovers and athletes. The landscape along the Danube is particularly charming when viewed from a ship.

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Krems, Klosterneuburg and Rohrau have established reputations as centers of the visual arts: The Art Mile in Krems alone boasts 10 cultural institutions. The Harrach Picture Gallery in Rohrau Castle is one of the most famous private collections in Austria.

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Danube Shipping

The Danube and its various regions are particularly charming when viewed from a ship. With its unique natural landscapes, impressive architectural monuments and legendary views, this river valley is probably Europe’s most beautiful. Experiencing it from a ship is pure pleasure.

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Outings & Activities The Danube in Lower Austria

Wachau World Heritage Trail

The Wachau World Heritage Trail is a 180 km hiking trail featuring the best in scenic and historical paths. It links together the 13 communities of the Wachau Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape.

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The Danube Bike Path

The Danube Bike Path is one of the most scenic cycling routes in Europe. It extends for about 1,200 km from Donaueschingen in Germany to the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

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Eating & Drinking The Danube in Lower Austria

Richly laid tables

The area boasts Wachau apricots and fresh Danube fish, asparagus from the Marchfeld and seasonal delicacies from fields and woods. With all these treasures, the tables along the Danube in Lower Austria are richly laid. There is scarcely another region that offers such a diversity of delectable addresses.

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Danube & Wine

Ancient wine culture and ultra-modern wineries. Venerable customs and elegant wine events. The finest whites in the world and the down-to-earth sociability of heurige wine restaurants.

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Happenings & Events The Danube in Lower Austria

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  • Grafenegg Festival

    The Grafenegg Festival takes place every year from mid-August to early September. The program includes matinees and performances by international orchestras and a number of other ensembles from around the globe.

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    Weinstraße Wachau im Herbst


    In Lower Austria, wine has its own season, Weinherbst, the province’s celebration of wine and autumn. From mid-August to the end of November everything revolves around wine enjoyment in connection with age-old traditions, culinary delights and scenic landscape.

    Schloss Hof: Baroque Equestrian Fest & Thanksgiving

    In mid-September, Schloss Hof is the venue for the Marchfeld Thanksgiving Festival featuring music and dance, culinary delights and exciting activities for the whole family. Horses, donkeys, ponies, two-humped camels and other four-legged animals are on their best behavior at the big Equestrian Fest in September. In a variety of acts, the animal artists large and small show everything they have learned. In the petting zoo at the manor, goats, sheep and lamas are waiting for visitors all day long.

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    Wachau Marathon

    On the Wachau Marathon, runners pass through the unique countryside of the Wachau.
    About 10,000 people take part in one of the 7 competitions. The racing route runs along the northern bank of the Danube between Emmersdorf and Krems.

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    Ursula Strauss, Kuratorin von Wachau in Echtzeit

    Wachau in Real Time

    In the stillness of Advent, the Wachau offers a special cultural program. The well-known Austrian actress Ursula Strauss is the curator of Wachau in Real Time, a line-up of cultural and musical events specially adapted for the performance venues in the Wachau.