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Happenings & Events The Danube in Lower Austria

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    The Danube region offers so many possibilities for enjoyment, celebration and adventure. Check out the inviting lineup of culinary events, art exhibitions, music festivals and sporting events.

    Apricot Festivals in the Wachau

    Visitors to the traditional Spitz Apricot Fair every year in mid-July delight in the fluffy apricot dumplings, fruity apricot punch and fine apricot brandy. The traditional parade with King Marillus and Princess Apricosia is among the highlights of the fair. In Everything’s Apricots (Alles Marille) in Krems, the highlight comes when the huge apricot cake is sliced. This festival also takes place in mid-July every year.

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    Krems is the venue for the Donaufestival on two weekends at the end of April and the beginning of May. International musicians and artists present their works, performances and installations.

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    Grossriedenthal im Frühling, Tullner Donauraum Wagram

    Loess Spring on the Wagram

    About 35 businesses in the Wagram region celebrate “Loess Spring” from mid-April till mid-May. Inns, wineries, excursion sights and restaurants invite visitors to explore and enjoy. The Wagram Treasure Map is your guide to this adventure rally. The treasure hunt is an entertaining way for wine, culture and nature enthusiasts to explore the mysteries of the typical loess landscape on their own during Wagram Loess Spring. One highlight of the Loess Spring is “Spring Awakening on the Wagram”, where the winemakers in the Wagram wine region open up their cellars in eight municipalities and invite visitors to sample the new vintages.

    Dudelsackbläser auf Aggstein

    Medieval Fest at Aggstein Fortress Ruins

    Magical creatures, Celtic charms, toe-tapping music, exciting stories, fine crafts and authentic medieval flair. The Medieval Fest at the Aggstein Fortress Ruins is unique and assures an unforgettable experience for the entire family and for fans of the Middle Ages large and small.


    This age-old tradition is cultivated in splendid and enjoyable ways in more than 20 places in the Danube region Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal. Torch-lit vineyards, impressive fireworks and wonderful opportunities for special moments are what make solstice celebrations in the Wachau and Nibelungengau so memorable every year.
    23.6.2018 - Wachau
    16.6.2018 - Nibelungengau

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    wachau GOURMETfestival

    The wachau GOURMETfestival is a must for all gourmets and lovers of fine wining and dining. Big names, exciting newcomers, many an unusual venue and all this in the midst of the scenic Wachau Valley.

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    Weinfrühling in der Wachau

    Wine Spring

    Wine Spring events in the Lower Austrian Danube region are a good opportunity in the wine year to sample the winemaker’s various wines and stock up on wine. Wine Spring takes place from late April to the beginning of May every year. Wachau Wine Spring is recommended, for example, as is Spring Awakening on the Wagram, the New Wine Fest in Göttlesbrunn and the 3-valley Wine Spring in the Kamp, Krems and Traisen Valleys.