• Weinfrühling im Kamptal, Kremstal & Traisental
  • Der "Wolkenturm": Der in eine Senke eingebettete Bau der Architekten Marie-Therese Harnoncourt und Ernst J. Fuchs (the next ENTERprise – architects) bildet eine Skulptur die gut 15 Meter bis in die Höhe der alten Baumkrone aufragt und unerwartete Ansichten aus verschiedene Perspektiven bietet.
  • Donaubühne Tulln bei Nacht
  • Römerstadt Carnuntum © Andreas Hofer Photography
  • Feuerwerk über Stift Melk

Highlight Events



Highlight Events

The Danube region offers so many possibilities for enjoyment, celebration and adventure. Check out the inviting lineup of culinary events, art exhibitions, music festivals and sporting events.

Spitzer Marillenkirtag in der Wachau

Apricot Festivals in the Wachau

Visitors to the traditional Spitz Apricot Fair every year in mid-July delight in the fluffy apricot dumplings, fruity apricot punch and fine apricot brandy. The traditional parade with King Marillus and Princess Apricosia is among the highlights of the fair. In Everything’s Apricots (Alles Marille) in Krems, the highlight comes when the huge apricot cake is sliced.

Dates in 2020:
Spitz: July 17 to 19
Krems: July 10 to 12

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Feuerwerk über Stift Melk


This age-old tradition is cultivated in splendid and enjoyable ways in more than 20 places in the Danube region Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal. Torch-lit vineyards, impressive fireworks and wonderful opportunities for special moments are what make solstice celebrations in the Wachau and Nibelungengau so memorable every year.
20.6.2020 - Wachau
27.6.2020 - Nibelungengau

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Stimmungsbild vom Festival Glatt & Verkehrt


GLATT&VERKEHRT is a festival in July that takes audiences on musical voyages of discovery around the globe. The program of events ranges from authentic, traditional and contemporary music from various cultures and brings artists from (nearly) all parts of the world to Krems and into the Wachau. What all of them have in common is a desire to explore their own musical roots – regardless of whether these roots are in folk music, jazz, classical or the avant-garde. Venues such as Göttweig Abbey, the Winzer Krems winery and Spitz castle serve as backdrops for these concerts by international musicians.
Date in 2020: July 10 to 26

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Donaufestival Atmosphäre


Krems is the venue for the Donaufestival on two weekends at the end of April and the beginning of May. International musicians and artists present their works, performances and installations.
Date 2020: April 24 to 26, April 30 to May 2

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Grossriedenthal im Frühling, Tullner Donauraum Wagram

Loess Spring on the Wagram

About 35 businesses in the Wagram region celebrate “Loess Spring” from mid-April till mid-May. Inns, wineries, excursion sights and restaurants invite visitors to explore and enjoy. The Wagram Treasure Map is your guide to this adventure rally. The treasure hunt is an entertaining way for wine, culture and nature enthusiasts to explore the mysteries of the typical loess landscape on their own during Wagram Loess Spring. One highlight of the Loess Spring is “Spring Awakening on the Wagram”, where the winemakers in the Wagram wine region open up their cellars in eight municipalities and invite visitors to sample the new vintages.
Date 2020: May 2 to 24

Gladiatoren beim Kampf im Amphitheater Militärstadt Bad Deutsch-Altenburg


Look forward to exciting living history events on our four-day Roman Festival with gladiators, legionaries, a theatre play, tasty Roman food, a delightful children's program and much more.

Dates in 2020: May 30 to 31, June 06 to 07

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Frau steht vor einem beleuchteten Blumenkarusell, Tulln, Tullner Donauraum

International Flower Show & GARTEN TULLN 2020

With its thousands of flowers and unique floral artworks, the international flower show presents, from 03. bis 07. September 2020, nature in all its incomparable splendor. The admission ticket to the show also allows ticket holders to visit the premises of GARTEN TULLN next door.

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Wein Römerland Carnuntum

Carnuntum Experience

Enjoy the series of events Carnuntum Experience 365 days long! As you can taste wonderful wines and experience exciting adventures in the winegrowing region Carnuntum during the whole year the Carnuntum Experience has now been extended. To a year full of enjoyment!

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Exklusive Location mit Leuten

wachau GOURMETfestival

The wachau GOURMETfestival is a must for all gourmets and lovers of fine wining and dining. Big names, exciting newcomers, many an unusual venue and all this in the midst of the scenic Wachau Valley.
Date 2020: 19.3.-2.4.2020

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Weinfrühling in der Wachau

Wine Spring

Wine Spring events in the Lower Austrian Danube region are a good opportunity in the wine year to sample the winemaker’s various wines and stock up on wine. Wine Spring takes place from late April to the beginning of May every year. Wachau Wine Spring is recommended, for example, as is Spring Awakening on the Wagram, the New Wine Fest in Göttlesbrunn and the 3-valley Wine Spring in the Kamp, Krems and Traisen Valleys.

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