Dates for summer solstice 2023 Wachau & Nibelungengau

Dates 2023:

Wachau: June 17th
Nibelungengau: June 24th

Every year around June 21st several solstice celebrations take place along the Danube region Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal which always is a marvelous and colorful event. Thousands of floating lights on the surface of the Danube, romantic looking vineyards lightened by torches and impressive fireworks offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy precious moments which makes the solstice celebrations in this area unforgettable every year.

In more than 20 villages along the Danube region Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal people take care of this old tradition in a splendid and also joyful way. Not only the great fireworks on both sides of the Danube and an ocean of shining lights along the charming river valley but also the international known wines and regional specialities attract visitors from all over the word. One of the best ways to experience the celebrations is to board a ship. Several shipping companies offer special cruises.

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Experience the solstice on board of a ship

If you want to use the solstice for a short holiday in the Wachau area you should reserve in advance. To have the opportunity to experience the event from a ship please reserve as soon as possible. There is only a limited amount of tickets and as our experience shows they will be sold out quickly.

Hint: Experience the summer solstice at Wachau region from a motorboat and charter your own boat! Information & booking: Martin Weber, Phone: +43(0)664/1813550, or 

Please consider: If you accompany the big ships with a small boat, this boat has to be lightened up.
Further we want to point out that all passengers have to wear life jackets!

History of the summer solstice - fire festival since 1604

Dates until 2026

June 22th 2024 - Wachau
June 29th 2024 - Nibelungengau

June 21th 2025 - Wachau
June 28th 2025 - Nibelungengau

June 20th 2026 - Wachau
June 27th 2026 - Nibelungengau