• Hainburg an der Donau, Marchfeld
  • Römerstadt Carnuntum, Römerland Carnuntum
  • Schloss Hof, Marchfeld

Hainburg, Danube Ship Station No. 30

The old frontier city of Hainburg is fascinating with its fully preserved 13th c fortifications. Unforgettable time travel awaits visitors at the medieval festival or on tours guided by mercenary foot solders or noblewomen. www.hainburg.at 

Worth seeing

Medieval tours in Hainburg
On the medieval tours of the city, a guide masquerading as a mercenary foot soldier or a noblewoman leads the group through Hainburg. Along the well-preserved historical city walls with their many towers, there are typical medieval structures to see, such as a charnel house or a pillory. The tours immerse participants in the 750-year history of the city. Information & reservation: Donau Incoming, incoming@donau.com 

Roman City of Carnuntum
The Romans left indelible marks here. The thermal baths and city villa have been authentically reconstructed in this open-air museum. While strolling through it, visitors learn a wealth of things about life among the Ancient Romans. Museum Carnuntinum has further archaeological items on display. www.carnuntum.at 

Schloss Hof
This baroque castle was built by Prince Eugene of Savoy and later purchased by Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. Highlights include the imperial apartments, the festival hall, and the unique Baroque terraced garden. Culinary tours are also available. www.schlosshof.at 

Niederweiden Imperial Hunting Lodge
This whimsical imperial hunting lodge is just a few minutes' drive from Schloss Hof and stages varying exhibitions. www.schlosshof.at 

Eckartsau Imperial Hunting Lodge
There is a significant story attached to this former imperial hunting lodge: The last emperor of Austria, Charles I, went into exile from here. Visitors can take themed tours such as one on imperial hunting or sample the original gugelhupf from Emperor Charles's cook. www.schlosseckartsau.at 

Villa Vinum
This special wine experience in Bruck an der Leitha is a unique symbiosis of romantic wine cellars and modern wine production. The themed path takes visitors through the open-view operations and conveys knowledge about wine flavors and scents. www.villavinum.at 

Castle of Marchegg
On a tour of this Palffy family castle, visitors can enjoy interesting exhibitions about the town. Directly behind the castle is Europe's largest treetop stork colony. Tours are available to the stork paradise. www.marchegg.at 

Danube Wetlands National Park
The multimedia exhibition at the National Park Center in Orth Castle presents the history of the Danube wetlands and the national park in a vivid and exciting way. On the open-air grounds of the castle island, visitors can experience the animals inhabiting the wetlands. www.donauauen.at 

Wine tasting in Carnuntum
Carnuntum is a wine region pampered by the Pannonian climate. Unlike all the other wine regions along the Danube today, it is best know for its characterful red wines. Some wine makers stage wine tasting events for groups. Information & reservation: Donau Incoming, incoming@donau.com 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
On foot Medieval tours in Hainburg 400 m 7 min.
Bus Roman city of Carnuntum 8 km 13 min.
  Niederweiden Imperial Hunting Lodge 10 km 12 min.
  Schloss Hof 14 km 15 min.
  Eckartsau Imperial Hunting Lodge 15 km 19 min.
  Villa Vinum 21 km 23 min.
  Castle of Marchegg 20 km 20 min.
  Danube Wetlands National Park 23 km 25 min.

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Service Information

Danube Ship Station: No. 30
Right bank
River marker km: 1883,850
Docking order: 17 m
Parking for 1 bus (only for passenger drop-offs/pick-ups)

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