In the 1930s, the Schmidl Bakery in Dürnstein created a special baked good that is inseparably associated with the Wachau today: the Wachauer laberl. This round roll made out of rye and wheat flour is the best companion to all delicacies available at heurige wine taverns. The Schmidl family from Dürnstein continues to harbor the original recipe like a treasure.

This traditional Wachau business has been providing its guests with top quality products since 1780. The family bakery has always made hearty fresh bread, crispy fragrant rolls and the finest desserts out of carefully selected, high-quality regional ingredients. Everything is made by hand without the use flavor enhancers and other artificial ingredients. All this guarantees superb quality that you can taste! All these delicacies are served in the adjoining café with terrace. This café, in turn, cultivates Austrian-style coffeehouse culture.

Opening hours

Summer (April - October):

  • Mo - Sa: 06.30 - 18.00 Uhr
  • So & Feiertag: 08.00 - 18.00 Uhr

Winter (November - March):

  • Mo - Sa: 06.30 - 12.00 Uhr

Cafe in Dürnstein:

  • Mo - So: 09.15 - 18.00 Uhr

Shop in Krems, Obere Landstraße 8 – ganzjährig geöffnet:

  • Mo -Fr: 07.00 - 18.00 Uhr
  • Sa: 07.30 - 13.00 Uhr
  • So & Feiertag: 07.30 - 11.00 Uhr


Schmidl Bakery & Confectionery
Hauptstraße 20-21, 3601 Dürnstein

+43 (0)2711/ 224 learn more