Museums & Exhibitions

One example of a contemporary art scene is the Art Mile in Krems. The exhibition hall known as Kunsthalle Krems is in the Art Mile and stages exhibitions of Austrian and international 19th and 20th c art year-round.

Other hotspots for art and culture are the numerous museums and exhibitions in the UNESCO World Heritage landscape and vicinity.

Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand und Sophie Erzherzogin von Hohenberg

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Museum

The Archduke Franz Ferdinand Museum has been in the castle since 1982. It features a permanent exhibition entitled “For Heart and Crown” that provides insights into the life of the...

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Karikaturmuseum Krems

Caricature Museum Krems

Caricature Museum Krems is Austria's only museum devoted solely to caricature, pictorial satire, comics and cartoons. It is a mere five-minute walk from the Krems-Stein landing...

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Forum Frohner

Forum Frohner

Forum Frohner is a platform for exhibitions and events that focus on a lively discourse.Adolf Frohner's work forms the starting point and is put in context with contemporaneous...

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Kunsthalle Krems

Housed in the historical tobacco factory on Franz-Zeller-Platz, Kunsthalle Krems is the international exhibition venue in Lower Austria for modern and contemporary art. With its...

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Oskar Kokoschka Haus

Oskar Kokoschka House

The Oskar Kokoschka Haus is the birthplace of the world famous painter. He first saw the light of day here on March 1, 1886.The Oskar Kokoschka Documentation Pöchlarn stages a...

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Römermuseum Mautern

Roman Museum in Mautern

The Romans once considered this the point at which civilization ended because the Danube formed the limes, the frontier between the Roman Empire and the barbarians to the north in...

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Shipping Museum

There was ship and boat traffic on the Danube back in prehistoric times. For the Ancient Romans the Danube served as the frontier between the Roman Empire and the peoples of the...

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