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Rich history, exceptional art and cultural treasures plus diverse landscapes: a true feast for the eyes. Steep terraced vineyards and picturesque orchards, stunning views across expansive plains.
There are so many spots that make an outing worthwhile to the UNESCO World Heritage landscape and vicinity.

Stift Melk im Vordergrund mit Kornfeld

Melk Abbey

Melk has been a spiritual and cultural center of the region for more than 900 years.

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Patronin Waltraut Haas

Hotel-Restaurant Mariandl

Do it like Councilor Geiger and join the world-famous hotel "Mariandl"!The hotel became famous through the film Mariandl, shot in...

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Marillenweg mit Marillenbäumen beim Aufreiter

Krems-Angern Apricot Trail

You can find out everything you have always wanted to know about apricots hiking the Krems-Angern Apricot Trail.

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Rossatz Apricot Mile

Hike and walk through the lovely apricot orchards of Rossatz-Arnsdorf, a municipality that produces more apricots than any other...

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Stiftsgarten Melk

Melk Abbey Park

The abbey park with its baroque garden pavilion is an integral part of this gesamtkunstwerk.

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Winzer Krems Barriquekeller

Sandgrube 13 wein.sinn

Sandgrube 13 wein.sinn is a wine experience created by Winzer Krems. In a guided tour, visitors can experience the most wonderful...

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