• Marillenweg mit Marillenbäumen beim Aufreiter
  • Junge Damen mit Fernglas erlebt Naturpädagogik im Naturpark Jauerling
  • Stiftsgarten Melk

Nature & Gardens

Rich history, exceptional art and cultural treasures plus diverse landscapes: a true feast for the eyes. Steep terraced vineyards and picturesque orchards, stunning views across expansive plains.
There are so many spots that make an outing worthwhile to the UNESCO World Heritage landscape and vicinity.

Stiftspark Melk im Frühling

Abbey park Melk

The abbey park with its baroque garden pavilion is an integral part of this gesamtkunstwerk.The garden creates a symmetric symbiosis of the abbey buildings with the outlying...

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Schloss Artstetten

Artstetten Castle

High above the Danube, in the middle of a dreamy park, lies the enchanting Artstetten Castle, flanked by seven characteristic towers. Here, the memory of the heir to the throne...

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Krems-Angern Apricot Trail

Look, admire, listen, smell, sample. Immerse yourself in the world of the original Wachau apricot!
The original Wachau apricot is a special fruit with a unique taste. The Wachau...

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Marillenernte am Marillenhof

Rossatz Apricot Mile

In its capacity as largest producer, Rossatz-Arnsdorf called into being the “Rossatz-Arnsdorf Apricot Mile” in 2008. Here you find not only a system of lovely hiking trails through...

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