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Historical records show that saffron had been grown extensively in Lower Austria from around 1200 well into the 19th c. This tradition was revitalized several years ago. Saffron farmer Bernhard Kaar has been growing saffron again in certain fields in the Wachau for a number of years.

The climate is ideal and the stigma (threads) harvested from the saffron crocus are of fine quality and considered especially aromatic. Wachau saffron can be used in making a variety of highly enjoyable quality products such as saffron honey, saffron vinegar or Wachau chocolate featuring saffron and red wine. The saffron crocus can also be seen in bloom in October and November in the model garden in Dürnstein. Gardeners interested in planting saffron at home can get a starter packet here. These flowers are planted in the summer.


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