• Weißenkirchen in der Wachau
  • Herbstliches Weißenkirchen in der Wachau
  • Wachauer Safran in Dürnstein, Wachau
  • Domäne Wachau in Dürnstein, Wachau

Weißenkirchen, Danube Ship Statation No. 17, 18

An especially striking structure in this scenic town in the heart of the Wachau is the mighty church in the town center with its wood-covered stairway and the historical Renaissance complex Teisenhoferhof. The narrow lanes winding their way through town would rank high on any list of romantic places. www.weissenkirchen-wachau.at 

Worth seeing

This old rail line runs through the heart of the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape. It is a special tourist attraction because as it travels along, passengers are treated to wonderful views of the terraced vineyards and of this landscape so shaped by the Danube. www.noevog.at 

Shipping Museum
At Erlaahof in Spitz, visitors can immerse themselves in a time prior to Danube steamboats, when horses pulled the ships back upstream. www.schifffahrtsmuseum-spitz.at 

Dürnstein Abbey
The abbey is known for its famous blue church tower, which is visible from far and wide. The church can be visited on a guided tour; also together with an individual organ concert. www.stiftduernstein.at 

Domäne Wachau
A special wine experience awaits visitors at Domäne Wachau in Dürnstein with tours of the 300-year-old wine cellar and wine tasting in the renovated Baroque Kellerschlössel. www.domaene-wachau.at 

Wachau Saffron Manufactory
Ecologist Bernhard Kaar has revived the tradition of saffron cultivation near Dürnstein in the Wachau. At his manufactory, the saffron is dried and processed into various products. www.wachauer-safran.at 

Vineyard tours and wine tasting
The wine town of Weissenkirchen offers a variety of possibilities for wine tasting. The numerous heuriger wine taverns or wine cellars at several private wine makers can be booked for wine tasting. Information & reservation: Donau Incoming, incoming@donau.com 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
On foot Vineyard tours 500 m 8 min.
  Wachau rail line 500 m 8 min.
Bus Shipping Museum 2 km 4 min.
  Dürnstein Abbey 6 km 7 min.
  Domäne Wachau 7 km 10 min.
  Wachau Saffron Manufactory 7 km 10 min.

Service Information

Danube Ship Station: No. 17
Left bank
River marker km: 2013,430
Docking order: 2

Danube Ship Station: No. 18
Left bank
River marker km: 2013,300
Docking order: 2

Parking for 2 buses