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  • Hauptplatz von Tulln
  • Mit dem Bummelzug Tulli-Express Tulln entdecken

Tulln an der Donau, Danube Ship Station No. 26

The famous painter Egon Schiele spent his childhood in this city. Visitors can still find many traces of his life and times at his birthplace or on the Schiele Trail. Tulln has earned a special reputation as a city of gardens. The cityscape is enhanced with lovingly arranged flowers, and the only ecological garden show can be viewed here too. http://erleben.tulln.at 

Worth seeing

Egon Schiele Museum & Egon Schiele Birthplace
Authentic insights into the moving childhood of this extraordinary artist can be had at the Egon Schiele birthplace at the train station in Tulln. The museum has exhibits about various aspects of Schiele. www.egon-schiele.eu 

Roman Museum
Visitors can look forward to an exhibition about the former cavalry fort Comagenis - as Tulln was called under the Romans. The museum also covers life at other forts in the Tulln region and depicts military life. www.roemermuseum-tulln.at 

More than 60 show gardens were laid out in the unique ecological garden show. One highlight is a treetop trail with a 30m high lookout tower affording views of the riverside forests. Another is the restaurant next to a lovely pond. www.gartentulln.at 

Pleyel Center
Ignaz Joseph Pleyel was born in Ruppersthal and became famous in France as a composer and instrument maker. With the restoration of his birthplace and the recently opened concert hall in his hometown, a monument has now been put up for him. www.pleyel.at 

City tours in Tulln
On an Egon Schiele tour, participants can trace various aspects of the artist's childhood here. This can also be done taking the Tulli Express tourist train. The tourist train also follows the tour of Tulln as a city of gardens. It is conducted by the municipal gardener and provides a lot of information about Tulln's ecological efforts to care for its green space. Classic city tours are of course also available. Information & reservation: Donau Incoming, incoming@donau.com 

Wine tasting in Wagram
Wagram is the wine region close to Tulln and offers many interesting possibilities for wine tasting at a host of superb wine makers. Heurige, several private wine makers or the regional vinotheque Weritas can be booked for wine tasting as well. Information & reservation: Donau Incoming, incoming@donau.com 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
On foot Egon Schiele Museum 500 m 5 min.
  Roman Museum 800 m 10 min.
  Egon Schiele Birthplace 2 km 25 min.
  GARTEN TULLN 1 km 15 min.
Bus GARTEN TULLN 1 km 5 min.
  Egon Schiele Birthplace 2 km 10 min.
  Pleyel Center 27 km 30 min.

Service Information

Danube Ship Station: No. 26
Right bank
River marker km: 1963,952
Docking order: 2
Parking for 1 bus (1 bus parking space only for passenger drop-offs/pick-ups; 10 bus parking spaces about 800m away)