• Rossatz am Südufer der Wachau
  • Ruine Aggstein, Wachau
  • Stift Göttweig mit Blüten im Vordergrund

Rossatz, Danube Ship Station No. 19

Blossom time is special in this municipality, Austria's biggest producer of apricots. The landscape turns into a fragrant sea of pinkish white blossoms. The lovely towns with their apricot orchards and romantic lanes are also worth visiting during the apricot harvest in July, for shopping or for culinary delights featuring apricots. www.rossatz-arnsdorf.at 

Worth seeing

Göttweig Abbey
Founded in 1083, this abbey is perched on the Göttweig hilltop near Furth. The abbey church is impressive, as is the imperial staircase with its splendid frescoes by Paul Troger. www.stiftgoettweig.at 

Aggstein Ruins
At this former fortress of robber knights, wooden walkways take visitors to stairs, courtyards and towers. Tours take visitors back in time to the knights' everyday routines and medieval life. www.ruineaggstein.at 

Vineyard tours and wine tasting
Rossatz-Arnsdorf on the south bank of the Danube also offers an array of possibilities for wine tasting. Various local wine makers are happy to arrange wine tasting events featuring their own wines at their heurige wine taverns or wine cellars. Information & reservation: Donau Incoming, incoming@donau.com 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
On foot Vineyard tours 500 m 8 min.
Bus Göttweig Abbey 15 km 15 min.
  Aggstein Ruins 18 km 25 min.

Service Information

Danube Ship Station: No. 19
Right bank
River marker km: 2008,0 + 69 m
Docking order: 18 m
Parking for 1 bus (distance app. 400m)