• Rathaus von Korneuburg
  • Stift Klosterneuburg, Abendstimmung, Tullner Donauraum
  • Frontansicht Burg Kreuzenstein, unterhalb ist Wald zu sehen, der Himmel ist bewölkt.

Korneuburg, Ship Stations “Danube” and “Dockyard”

A worthwhile destination in the historical center is the neo-Gothic town hall, which also offers a wonderful backdrop for weddings. The medieval heart of town is a perfect setting for enjoyable shopping as well. Not far from Korneuburg are the wild and romantic Danube wetlands, which are adjacent to the town. www.korneuburg.gv.at 

Worth seeing

Korneuburg City Hall
A city tour through the medieval historical center passes by the neo-Gothic town hall built in 1895, the Pied Piper Fountain, and the Trinity Column. www.korneuburg.gv.at 

Fossil World in Stetten
The theme park features this unique natural monument but also has multiple stations that tell the story of how the tropical primordial sea and its inhabitants disappeared. The journey takes visitors to a fascinating chapter of the earth's history at the world's largest fossil oyster reef! www.fossilienwelt.at 

Kreuzenstein Fortress
The well-preserved fortress is fully appointed with historical furnishings and well worth a visit. Highlights include the armory with one of the largest private collections of historical weapons in the land and the splendid chapel, a gem of sacred medieval craftsmanship. www.kreuzenstein.com 

Adlerwarte Kreuzenstein
Falconry is one of the oldest forms of hunting in the world. A fascinating flight demonstration is presented at Adlerwarte Kreuzenstein. During the performance, various birds of prey display their flying skills. www.adlerwarte-kreuzenstein.at 

Klosterneuburg Abbey
This abbey founded by the Augustinian Canons is worth a visit not only because of its famous Verdun Altar but also as Austria's oldest vineyard estate. The monastic garden and the entire abbey can be explored on themed tours. www.stift-klosterneuburg.at 

City tours in Korneuburg
The city can be explored on three themed tours. The starting point is the Pied Piper's Fountain or city hall (Rathaus). Two routes go through the historical center of the city with the neo-Gothic city hall as the high point. The third route goes down to the Danube for a visit to the former shipyards, where cruise liners were once built. www.korneuburg.gv.at 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
On foot Korneuburg City Hall 1,5 km 20 min.
  City tours in Korneuburg 1,5 km 20 min.
Bus Korneuburg City Hall 1,5 km 5 min.
  Fossil World in Stetten 5 km 10 min.
  Kreuzenstein Fortress 7 km 13 min.
  Adlerwarte Kreuzenstein 7 km 13 min.
  Klosterneuburg Abbey 20 km 21 min.

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