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schlossORTH National Park Center
TOP excursion destination In the region The Danube in Lower Austria

  • Schlauchbootfahrt auf der Donau
  • Unterwasserbeobachtungsstation auf der Schlossinsel im schlossORTH Nationalparkzentrum
  • Fisch auf der Schlossinsel, schlossORTH Nationalpark-Zentrum
  • Luftbildaufnahme schlossORTH Nationalparkzentrum
  • Europ. Sumpfschildkröte auf der Schlossinsel, schlossORTH Nationalpark-Zentrum
  • Schlossinsel, schlossORTH Nationalpark-Zentrum
  • Nationalpark Donau-Auen
  • Silberreiher
  • Stopfenreuther Au

The national park center at Orth Castle is the first place to go when visiting the Danube wetlands (Nationalpark Donau-Auen). "DonAUräume" is a multi-media exhibition that delves into this fascinating river landscape in an unconventional and engaging way. The castle island is the open-air part of the center and is used for presenting habitats, animals and plants of the region. There you can watch European ground squirrels, turtles and snakes  and enjoy the towering trees, water plants and wild flowers that flourish on the island. The walk-in underwater station with local fish provides you with glimpses of life under water as if you were snorkeling.

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