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TOP Excursion Destinations The Danube in Lower Austria

The biggest and best known excursion destinations in Lower Austria have joined together as “TOP Excursion Destinations.” Their goal is to offer guests special quality. We have marked all TOP excursion destinations for you.

Melk Abbey

Melk has been a spiritual and cultural center of the region for more than 900 years. Visitors to the abbey can look forward to a fascinating museum covering the history and present-day life of the monastery, the staterooms and much more.

Discover Melk Abbey

Aggstein Fortress Ruins

The ruins of the Aggstein fortress are perched 300 meters above the Danube on a narrow rock ridge. Legend has it that robber baron Jörg Scheck vom Wald held prisoners captive in the little rose garden here.

Discover the ruins of the Aggstein fortress

Roman City Carnuntum

A visit to Carnuntum makes the Ancient Roman period come to life: architectural masterpieces, romantic ruins and precious treasures. This fascinating chapter in history has never been so accessible!

Discover Roman City Carnuntum

BRANDNER Schiffahrten

Birgit and Barbara Brandner, two sisters from a venerable old family of mariners, set out in 1995 to establish a new caliber of passenger ship service and cruises on the Danube.

Discover Brandner ship service and cruises

Art Mile in Krems

Situated between the historical centers of Krems and Stein, the caricature museum in Krems and Kunsthalle Krems are both imbedded in the Wachau, a lovely landscape shaped by human hands. You can be sure of an engaging and humorous art experience.

Discover the Art Mile in Krems

Klosterneuburg Abbey

Klosterneuburg Abbey with its imperial courtyard in baroque style is the northern gateway to Vienna and nestled into the Danube landscape.

Discover Klosterneuburg Abbey


GARTEN TULLN is Europe's first ecological garden show. The more than 60 model gardens are strictly tended according to the criteria of a Lower Austrian initiative devoted to organic gardening (Nature in the Garden).


Schallaburg Renaissance Castle

This, the loveliest Renaissance castle north of the Alps is known for its excellent annual exhibitions that explore topics of cultural and contemporary history and archeology.

Discover Schallaburg Renaissance Castle

Artstetten Castle

Artstetten is a fairy-tale castle with seven characteristic onion towers and formerly served as a summer residence for the Austrian imperial family.

Discover Artstetten Castle

Winzer Krems

You can look forward to a wine experience for all the senses at Winzer Krems. We invite you on a scintillating exploration of the fascinating subject of wine. SANDGRUBE 13 wein.sinn lets you delve into this subject and gives you glimpses behind the scenes.

Discover Winzer Krems