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Genusszentrum Kolkmann Vinotheken

Genusszentrum Kolkmann
Kremserstraße 53,
3481 Fels am Wagram

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+43 2738 2436
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Opening Hours
Mo-Sa: 9:00 - 18:00 Uhr
So & Ft: see on website

Be prepared for a delightfully sensual encounter combining fine wine with modern architecture!
The modern “Tasting Building” was completed in late 2011. From the outset, it caused a stir far beyond the region itself. That was the intention, too. The Kolkmann family wanted the building to signal the spirit of new beginnings now prevailing on the Wagram. Christoph Haas – a young, innovative and open-minded architect from Enns, Austria – planned and built the building, which is modern in the best sense of the word. 

The rather prosaic designation “Tasting Building” falls short of capturing the true character of the structure. It is meant to be more a center of delights, a new highlight for Fels am Wagram. It presents the entire range of wine of the Kolkmann winery and is also a place for discovering and purchasing a large selection of regional specialties.

For instance, you can find delicacies made of apricots also produced at the winery here plus quince jam, Zweigelt jelly and schwarze Nüsse, a specialty made of Wagram walnuts produced at the winery. The range includes grape-seed oil made by Christian Bauer from Fels; Veltliner, Zweigelt and apricot vinegar; and pesto made by Stefan Grossauer. There are likewise fine canned goods, Wagram honey, wine glasses made by Manufaktur Zalto, pictures by the painter Gabriele Schön from Gösing and cookbooks by Ingrid Pernkopf.