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Wachau World Heritage Trail

Hiking from the Danube to wine to apricots

The Wachau World Heritage Trail is a 180 km long-distance hiking trail and follows the best in scenic trails through the Danube Valley and Wachau wine country. This high-altitude trail follows historical paths to link together the 13 communities of the Wachau Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape containing some of Europe's most enchanting river scenery. The Wachau World Heritage Trail takes you to 20 fortresses, ruins and castles, the Wachau wine region with its stone terraces and steep hillside vineyards, three monasteries and Jauerling, the highest mountain along the whole course of the Danube 960 m. Nowhere is the Danube more beautiful.

This long-distance trail is divided into 14 legs and can be hiked in both directions. The 90 km Jauerling Loop consists of seven legs and three ferry connections, so it lends itself to variation and can be tailored to individual tastes for an unusual hiking experience.


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