• Ein wanderndes Pärchen im Hintergrund Basilika Maria Taferl
  • Ausblick  Maria Taferl auf Donau und Nibelungengau (c) Hotel Schachner

A warm welcome to the „Nibelungengau“!

Fabulous Nibelungengau

Before the Danube runs through the „Wachau Valley“ it passes the „Nibelungengau Area“ which has to tell a lot of exciting stories.

From the Nibelungen-Legend to the Nibelungen-Area

The name of the Valley between Ybbs and Melk  has its origin in the Nibelungenlegend. Rüdiger from Bechelaren (today Pöchlarn) should have had his headquarters as a vassal of Attila King of the Huns in this area. So part of the story takes place along the Danube and also in the Nibelungengau.

Remarkable Sights                                                                     

Throughout the Nibelungengau you can find many exceptional spots. A pilgrimage place, unique castles or the oldest Danube-Power- Station in Austria.

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