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Krems-Angern Apricot Trail

  • Marillenkuchen
  • Spass am Marillenweg
  • Frisch geerntete Marillen
  • Marillenweg-Station

Dorfstraße 34,
3506 Angern

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Marillenweg Krems-Angern
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  • Marillenkuchen
  • Spass am Marillenweg
  • Frisch geerntete Marillen
  • Marillenweg-Station

Look, admire, listen, smell, sample. Immerse yourself in the world of the original Wachau apricot!
The original Wachau apricot is a special fruit with a unique taste. The Wachau and environs provide the ideal conditions this sensitive fruit needs to grow and ripen. The Wachau apricot does not like to be coerced. The trees here are allowed to grow high up into the sky. The best fruits ripen in the sprawling crowns of the trees!
The Wachau Apricot Trail takes you through picturesque wine country and age-old apricot orchards for a first-hand encounter with this noble fruit! The five stations tell you more about the fauna in apricot orchards, blossom time and the work carried out in apricot orchards.
Wild flowers and wild herbs abound on the ground between the trees, along the edges and hedges and waysides, even in the middle of the orchard. This hike is also rewarding for wildlife enthusiasts. If you go at a leisurely pace and are patient, you are bound to encounter insects, spiders and birds, small mammals such as the souslik, a protected species of ground squirrel, plus rare reptiles such as fire salamanders or European green lizards plus a pheasant or two.
The 4.5 kilometer circular trail begins and ends at Weinhof Aufreiter. There are myriad tasty apricot souvenirs awaiting you at this winery’s shop. Enjoy the many delicacies featuring Wachau apricots, tour the Wachau apricot distillery and sample our fine products!


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