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  • Naufahrt © Lachlan Blair

Emmersdorf 2,
3644 Emmersdorf an der Donau

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  • Naufahrt © Lachlan Blair

This ride consists of rafting downstream from Melk or Emmersdorf into the Wachau, a World Heritage landscape.

Danube tours are conducted in the Wachowia and the Hinterhaus, two 10 m long traditional flat-bottomed wooden boats known as zillen. During these rafting adventures, participants find out interesting things about navigation back then and now plus historical and cultural information about the region.

Round-trip tours for parties of up to twelve are available between Melk, Emmersdorf and Schönbühel. Connections between Emmersdorf and Melk are available, also for cyclists. Up to eight people can enjoy a trip through part of the Wachau aboard the Wachowia as an alternative to cycling the whole way.

Special themed tours are offered during events like apricot and vineyard blossom time, the Apricot Fair, the Riesling Festival in Weissenkirchen, etc.

In addition, the Wachowia can be booked for Danube cruises between Passau and Bratislava.