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Gruberwarte Buschandlwand

  • Buschandlwand
  • Gruberwarte

Seiberbergstraße ,
3610 Weißenkirchen in der Wachau

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Gruberwarte Buschandlwand
+43 2715 2232

  • Buschandlwand
  • Gruberwarte

At 743 m at its highest point, the Wachau Buschandlwand is enthroned between St. Michael and Spitz on the Danube. In 1887, the Spitz section of the Austrian Tourist Club laid out the paths to its summit. Today it is considered a true insider tip with particularly beautiful viewpoints - and mostly family-friendly paths. The ascent is rewarded with the wooden platform of the Josef-Gruber-Warte, which is overgrown by trees: with seating and a magnificent view as far as the Spitzer Graben, the Danube valley and the Jauerling. The Michaelerberg and the Nebel summit also offer a great view along the hiking trail.

Despite its pleasant walkability and the promising views, the Buschandlwand is not "overcrowded" to this day. It can be reached via several starting points - with a walking time between 2 and 3 hours. Admittedly, it is important to take sufficient provisions with you. In the surrounding villages of Spitz, Weißenkirchen and St. Michael, the best Wachau restaurants and wine taverns welcome their guests. The hike to the Buschandlwand can be combined with a visit to the Church of St. Michael in St. Michael and the fortified Church of the Assumption in Weißenkirchen.

Wachau, between Spitz on the Danube and St. Michael


  • Wooden lookout pulpit "Josef-Gruber-Warte" with seat possibility at the summit of the Buschandlwand: Danube and alpine view
  • Nebel summit: view over the Danube valley to Schneeberg and Ötscher
  • Michaelerberg: View of Spitz, Danube and Hausberg
  • Seibererstraße viewpoint: winegardens/terraces

Accessibility for hikers & duration
From St. Michael about 2.5 hours
From Spitz around 2.5 hours
From Weißenkirchen about 3 hours

Further reachable from Seiberer Bergstraße or Wösendorf.

Extra tip: From Seiberer Bergstraße - with a viewing parking lot and great views - the climb to the summit of the Buschandlwand only takes around 30 minutes.
Access: From Weißenkirchen on the Seiber mountain road to the hill (Kote 686 at F&B and ÖK), where on the right side of the road is a post with marker boards, turn left and drive to the edge of the forest, where you can park.
Access: From Seiberer Bergstraße (blue) ½ hour, from Wösendorf (blue) 2 - 2½ hours, from St. Michael (red or yellow) 2½ hours, from Spitz (red or yellow) 2½ hours, from Weißenkirchen (blue) 3 hours.