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Weitwanderweg Nibelungengau 2: Persenbeug - Marbach
Weitwandertouren In the region Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal

Etappentour Krásne výhľady Einkehrmöglichkeit Dunaj Dolné Rakúsko Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal Etappen in Niederösterreich
  • Logo Weitwanderweg Nibelungengau © Donau Niederösterreich / Klaus Engelmayer
  • Abkühlung in der Donau bei Persenbeug © Donau Niederösterreich / Klaus Engelmayer
  • Badeteich in Gottsdorf © Donau Niederösterreich / Klaus Engelmayer
  • Hafen in Marbach © Donau Niederösterreich / Klaus Engelmayer

The tour starts at the waterfront in Persenbeug and leads downstream via Hagsdorf and Gottsdorf. After Metzling the way leads up into the wood. Now you pass a stone pit and follow the forest road uphill through the wood. At the highest point the way leads down through the wood to the village. You pass the port and walk to the landing-stage in Marbach.

Die Etappe startet bei der Donaulände in Persenbeug und führt die Donau entlang flussabwärts über Hagsdorf und Gottsdorf. Nach Metzling führt der Weg bergauf in den Wald. Sie kommen bei einem Steinbruch vorbei und folgen der Forststraße weiter bergauf durch den Wald. Am höchsten Punkt angekommen geht es bergab durch den Wald in Richtung Ort. Sie wandern am Hafen vorbei zur Schiffsanlegestelle in Marbach.

Achtung! Im Zuge der Hochwasserschutz-Baustelle kann es 2017 und voraussichtlich 2018 zu Behinderungen in der Gemeinde Marbach kommen. Die Wegführung des Weitwanderweges wird durch den Ort umgeleitet!


↑ 455m
↓ 456m
331 min
Najnižší bod
214 m
Najvyšší bod
543 m
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počiatočný bod výletu

Persenbeug, waterfront

ciel cesty

Marbach, landing-stage


Highway A1 until exit Ybbs, following B25 through Ybbs, and use the Danube bridge (Ybbs/Persenbeug) to cross the river. After the bridge you keep right and follow B3 until Persenbeug.

Approaching from Grein or Krems, country road B3 leads you directly to Persenbeug.


You can park along the waterfront in Persenbeug or at the landing-stage in Marbach.


The tour starts in front of the panorama panel at the waterfront in Persenbeug and leads downstream along the Danube. A beautiful view oft he Danube power station Ybbs-Persenbeug and the city of Ybbs accompany you to Hagsdorf and Gottsdorf. At Metzling the way leads uphill into a wooded area and offers great views of the Danube valley and the Nibelungengau. Enjoy the panorama while taking a break at „Naturfreundestein“ (nature friends stone) in Rosenbichl. Afterwards you pass a stone pit and follow the forest road uphill through the wood. Along the way you can find some quiet places to rest in untouched nature. At the highest point –at „Hirschensprung“ (deer jump)- the way leads down through the wood to Kracking. Enjoy the wonderful panoramic view seeing Maria Taferl and the Nibelungengau. You walk through the village to Marbach, passing the port all the way to the panorama panel at the landing-stage where this tour ends.

Öffentliche Erreichbarkeit

With the Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) you travel to trainstation Ybbs/Kemmelbach (timetable). From the trainstation you can take a bus (Postbus/Verkehrsbetriebe) from Ybbs to Persenbeug. Further information about bus schedules here: Postbus or Verkehrsbetriebe

Bezpečnostné opatrenia

Please pay attention to following tips and hints, in order to enjoy your hiking trip.
-          Stay on the marked trails.
-          Wear hiking boots for your safety.
-          Use walking sticks to find balance.
-          It is always good to have a rainjacket with you.
-          Don't forget your trail map.
-          Make sure to have enough drinking water.
-          Don't litter!
-          No open fire!
-          Please respect the sensitive habitats of flora and fauna.
We also like to point out, that it is forbidden to ride a horse or a mountain bike along wood trails or private forest roads.


On this stage you mainly walk through quiet and shady wooded areas, away from hustle and bustle. Enjoy the great view of the Danube valley and the Nibelungengau in all its glory while taking a break at Naturfreundestein in Rosenbich, in Kracking, at Marbach or at the basilica in Maria Taferl. The lake in Persenbeug-Gottsdorf is a good place for a refreshing dip into the water on hot summer days. It is nice to stroll along the waterfront in Persenbeug and Marbach.

The Nibelungengau long distance trail is split up into 8 stages and can be passed through in both directions. Signs along the way will help you to find the right direction.

Additional Information

For easy and convenient organization of the tours its good to have the Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal application. Just download for Android or iPhone.

Tips and hints for excursions along the way:
lake in Persenbeug-Gottsdorf

Restaurants and Cafes along the way are in:
Persenbeug-Gottsdorf und Marbach

More sights in the area Nibelungengau:
Power station Ybbs-Persenbeug, peace museum in Erlauf, museum of Oskar Kokoschka in Pöchlarn, castle in Leibencastle in Artstetten and basilica in Maria Taferl

Information about Events of the region Nibelungengau and its surroundings you can find here.


For great memories of your hiking experience and to enjoy the surrounding nature, please consider to take some general gear which is listed below.

Equipment list