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  • Stift Göttweig mit Weinreben
  • Stift Göttweig im Blick
  • Welterbesteig Wachau-Logo
  • Typischer Heuriger in der Wachau
  • Römerstadt Mautern
  • Ausblick von der Ferdinand-Warte
  • Heruigenbesuch in der Wachau
Tour length
16.68 km
05:00 h
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394/549 Hm
Lowest point
198 Hm
Highest point
413 Hm
  • Stift Göttweig mit Weinreben
  • Stift Göttweig im Blick
  • Welterbesteig Wachau-Logo
  • Typischer Heuriger in der Wachau
  • Römerstadt Mautern
  • Ausblick von der Ferdinand-Warte
  • Heruigenbesuch in der Wachau

On the 17 kilometer long Tour from Oberbergern to Mautern you will experience the wonderful wine country, litte wine villages and the sacred „Göttweigerberg“ (hill). The immense Göttweig abbey, the plateau „Am Giritzer“, die Lössschlucht (loess canyon) Zellergraben and Ferdinandwarte (observation tower) are special highlights on this tour.

Wachau World Heritage Trail: from Oberbergern to Mautern

From Oberbergern the way leads via Göttweig abbey to Mautern. About 17 kilometers you  walk through vineyards of the Wachau and Kremstal (valley), passing numerous taverns and enjoying great views.Through rich wood and meadow areas the way leads past the plateau „Am Giritzer“, into the imposing loess canyon „Zellergraben“ and all the way to the Roman city Mautern.

More details

Tour length
Starting point
Oberbergern, chapel
Point of arrival
Mautern, town hall square
Getting there
Highway A1 until exit Melk, following B33 to Mautern and via the country road to Oberbergern.

The tour starts at the chapel in Oberbergern. You leave the picturesque farming village northbound. After about 150 m you leave the village. The gravel path leads through blooming fields, accompanied by wonderful views to Ferdinandwarte (observation tower). From the crossing it only takes about 5 minutes to get to the observation tower. Now your eyes can wander around and you will have a view of Loiben, Dürnstein and Krems. Now you follow the gravel path until Unterbergern. At the village several taverns invite you to come in. Behind the church you follow the main road straight ahead for about 300 meters and then turn left and immediately after right again. Now the way leads up and at the next crossing take the left. After a few minutes you reach plateau „Am Giritzer“. Shortly before the airfield for model planes you keep right and you will reach a small forest and the red cross. There you follow the path straight on and get to the rest area at the linden tree to „Baumgarten“ (tree garden), where you get a great view of Krems, Stein, Mautern and Göttweig abbey. Now turn right and walk on the country road for a little while and at the next diversion you turn left into the gravel path „Zeiling“. You follow this path until the end and turn right at the main road. You walk through the „Steinaweger Kellergasse“ (cellar alley) and after about 150m down left to Steinaweg. Arrived below you walk right and then left over a small bridge and reach „Steinaweger“ chapel.

Via a further small bridge over the creek Fladnitz  you start the rise up to Göttweiger Berg (hill) and the abbey. After crossing the rails the way leads up. Through untouched hornbeam, oak and pine woods the way leads up to Göttweig abbey (stamp station), where you have the opportunity for a rest at the restaurant belonging to the abbey. Afterwards you walk steadily down into the wine village Furth. At the trainstation you keep left and walk down below the rails. At the second road turn left into „Kargelmayer-Gasse“ (alley) and parallel to creek Fladnitz (on the right hand side). Crossing the next bridge and reach the church of Furth (patron Saint Wolfgang). Walking below the church and then directly up the hill via (St. Wolfgang-Weg) you reach the cellar trench of Furth with taverns and walk right. At the next crossing turn left and now you are in the loess canyon „Zellergraben“. The loess walls are the most imposing ones in the whole region and are a nature monument. At the end of the canyon you reach rest place „Zellerkreuz“ (cross) and turn right through the cellar path and the vineyards of Furth and Mautern (Silberbichl). At the end of the path you turn right and keep going until main road where the military base is located. You turn left, cross the round about and follow the road until town hall square, where the tour ends.


Hiking boots, raincoat, enough to eat and drink, a trail map and maybe a list of open taverns. You can find an equipmentlist on www.welterbesteig.at section service/tips.

Safety guidelines

In case of an emergency call the mountain rescue Wachau: 140

Additional Information

For restaurants and accommodation we recommend „Best of Wachau“ businesses: www.bestof-wachau.at. You find  „Best of Wachau“ members in Mautern.

Further opportunities for restaurants, taverns and cafes and opening hours:

Restaurant Stift Göttweig (stamp station):  from end of March to end of december: daily opend,  www.stift-goettweig.at; 0043(0)2732/85581-326.

Taverns are located in Oberbergern, Unterbergern, Steinaweg, Furth and Mautern. Several taverns are open during winter time. Please see the current calendar for opening hours (Heurigenkalender) at www.welterbesteig.at.

For easy and convenient organization of the tours its good to have the Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal application. Just download for Android or iPhone.