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  • Panoramatafel bei Donaulände in Persenbeug
  • Friedenskreuz in Hofamt Priel
  • Donaukraftwerk Ybbs-Persenbeug - Ansicht Turbine
  • Badeteich in Gottsdorf
  • Ausblick von oben auf Schloss Persenbeug und Donau
Tour length
21.48 km
07:57 h
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5 von 6
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810/823 Hm
Lowest point
217 Hm
Highest point
556 Hm
  • Panoramatafel bei Donaulände in Persenbeug
  • Friedenskreuz in Hofamt Priel
  • Donaukraftwerk Ybbs-Persenbeug - Ansicht Turbine
  • Badeteich in Gottsdorf
  • Ausblick von oben auf Schloss Persenbeug und Donau

It is nice to stroll along the waterfront in Persenbeug. The lake in Persenbeug-Gottsdorf is a good place for a refreshing dip into the water on hot summer days.

The tour starts at restaurant Strudengauhof in Sarmingstein and first leads uphill to Nöchling. After Mitterndorf all the way down direction Yspertal, Rottenberg and Viehtrift. Through an about 2 kilomter long forest road you reach Hubertusmarterl (wayside shrine). Afterwards you get to a great view point at Friedenskreuz (peace cross), before you walk through Hofamt Priel and on to the waterfront in Persenbeug.

The Nibelungengau long distance trail is split up into 8 stages and can be passed through in both directions. Signs along the way will help you to find the right direction.

More details

Tour length
Starting point
Sarmingstein, Restaurant Strudengauhof
Point of arrival
Persenbeug, waterfront
Getting there

Highway A1 until exit Ybbs, following B25 through Ybbs, and use the Danube bridge (Ybbs/Persenbeug) to cross the river. After the bridge you keep left and follow B3 until Sarmingstein.

Approaching from Krems, country road B3 leads you directly to Sarmingstein.


The tour starts at restaurant Strudengauhof in Sarmingstein. The way leads through wooded area uphill to Nöchling. At the beginning of the village a shady spot next to a chapel invites you to stay and offers a great view of the Alps. On an asphalt road you walk through the village to Mitterndorf. Afterwards you walk through a steep wooded area down direction Yspertal. A part of the way leads along the road, before you enter Rottenberg via a steep wooded area. Now keep walking on the asphalt road direction Viehtrift, before the route turns into an about 2 kilometer long forest road. Through the wooded area you will reach Hubertusmarterl (wayside shrine) with a nice view to Danube power station Ybbs-Persenbeug and the Danube valley. Afterwards the way follows the road and a short meadow piece, before you reach a great view point at the peace cross called „Am Reitern“, which offers a wonderful view of the Danube river. Now the way again leads through a wooded area, and then going on an asphalt road through Hofamt Priel. Via the bridge you cross B3, passing castle Persenbeug and reach the waterfront in Persenbeug where the tour ends.


For great memories of your hiking experience and to enjoy the surrounding nature, please consider to take some general gear which is listed here: Equipment list

Safety guidelines

Please pay attention to following tips and hints, in order to enjoy your hiking trip.
-          Stay on the marked trails.
-          Wear hiking boots for your safety.
-          Use walking sticks to find balance.
-          It is always good to have a rainjacket with you.
-          Don't forget your trail map.
-          Make sure to have enough drinking water.
-          Don't litter!
-          No open fire!
-          Please respect the sensitive habitats of flora and fauna.
We also like to point out, that it is forbidden to ride a horse or a mountain bike along wood trails or private forest roads.

Additional Information

Tips and hints for excursions along the way:
Power station Ybbs-Persenbeug, peace cross „Am Reitern“, lake in Persenbeug-Gottsdorf

Restaurants and Cafes along the way are in:
Sarmingstein, Nöchling, Hofamt Priel and Persenbeug

More sights in the area Nibelungengau:
Peace museum in Erlauf, museum of Oskar Kokoschka in Pöchlarn, castle in Leibencastle in Artstetten and basilica in Maria Taferl

Information about Events of the region Nibelungengau and its surroundings you can find here.