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Book Mountain

3620 Spitz

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The Buchberg is a 702 meter high mountain in the municipality of Spitz on the Danube in Lower Austria. A small path leads to the summit cross including a wayside shrine and a wooden box with a summit book.

Location: Danube Lower Austria, municipality Spitz

Path to the Buchberg

The Buchberg circular trail, about eight kilometers long, leads from Spitz across vineyards and woodlands to the nature reserve and summit of the Buchberg.
There you will find a species-rich meager meadow with many valuable flowers and herbs. Via the "Blue Cross" the hike continues to the "Red Gate". Here the view extends to the Tausendeimerberg, the Danube and the town of Spitz. The hiking trail is uniformly and continuously signposted with yellow signs. Duration approx. 2:30h

Tips in the surroundings

  • The ruins of Hinterhaus are a popular excursion destination in the Wachau region. Its defensive walls, Romanesque palace and keep are still well preserved and freely accessible all year round. Particularly worth seeing during the great festival at the summer solstice.
  • The Tausendeimerberg, a 314-meter-high rock cone is considered the landmark of the historical market Spitz. The mountain got its name a long time ago, when it is said to have yielded up to one thousand buckets of wine in good years.