Ferries and Shipping Companies

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MS Austria der BRANDNER Schiffahrt GmbH vor Dürnstein, Wachau

BRANDNER Schiffahrt GmbH

Birgit and Barbara Brandner, two sisters from a venerable old family of mariners, set out in 1995 to establish a new caliber of passenger ship service and cruises on the Danube.

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DDSG Blue Danube vor Dürnstein © DDSG Blue Danube / Christian Woeckinger

DDSG Blue Danube

DDSG Blue Danube offers cruises that open up whole new ways to experience the Danube along the most scenic stretches of the river.

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MS Donaunixe

Donauschifffahrt Ardagger

This private company has been operating passenger ships since 1987 in the Strudengau and the Nibelungengau, two scenic sections of the Danube upstream from the Wachau.

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Motorboat Information

The website of the Lower Austrian motorboat association is a source of interesting and worthwhile information for motorboat enthusiasts: all regional motorboat clubs, water level and much more.

On the practical side: You can download a list of all Lower Austrian clubs along with river kilometer information!