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  • Donauradweg St. Florian - Stift St. Florian
  • Schiffsanlegestelle Linz-Schloss
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59.19 km
03:10 h
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275/303 Hm
Lowest point
225 Hm
Highest point
261 Hm
Altitude profile
  • Donauradweg St. Florian - Stift St. Florian
  • Schiffsanlegestelle Linz-Schloss
A cultural break in the shadows of the Linz City Tower There is so much to see in Linz, from the historical center with main square and Landstrasse, the Castle Museum, the Botanical Garden, the Musical Theatre at the Volksgarten, Lentos Museum and the Ars Electronica Center, Postlingberg and all its sights… If leaving is difficult for you, comfort yourself with the thought that this stage is going to have a “cultural (inte)rest” for you in Enns.

Before that, your route follows the northern branch of the Danube Bike Path to Steyregg. After crossing the river to the south bank via the power station Abwinden-Asten, you have two promising options for a side trip. One leads you to St. Florian, a beautiful monastery of the Augustinian Canons, with its world famous Bruckner organ and Altdorfer altar. The other option (near Enghangen) takes you to Enns.

Enns is steeped in history and one of Austria’s oldest cities. Guided tours are a perfect way of exploring every part of it. The remains of the old city fortification, the 60 m high 16th c city tower built during the Reformation and the Baroque and Renaissance houses on the main square are all equally enchanting. And maybe you can even pay a short visit to the Roman Museum and Ennsegg Castle.

Just beyond Enns you reach the Lower Austrian Mostviertel, a district named after “most”, the pear cider produced there. Lots of local inns serve this special cider – a perfect opportunity for a break. On reaching Wallsee, you are invited to visit another Roman Museum, which illustrates just how far back the region’s history goes. Wallsee Castle – once inhabited by Habsburg Archduke Franz Salvator – also played a central role in this eventful history. The Mostviertel is at its most scenic as you pedal your way to Ardagger, today’s destination.

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From Munich follow the A8 to Salzburg. In Austria follow the A1 to Linz