• Der "Wolkenturm": Der in eine Senke eingebettete Bau der Architekten Marie-Therese Harnoncourt und Ernst J. Fuchs (the next ENTERprise – architects) bildet eine Skulptur die gut 15 Meter bis in die Höhe der alten Baumkrone aufragt und unerwartete Ansichten aus verschiedene Perspektiven bietet.
  • Aussenansicht Schloss Atzenbrugg mit bewölktem Himmel
  • Blick auf Burg Greifenstein mit der Donau im Hintergrund
  • Blick auf den Schlossteich Sitzenberg, im Hintergrund ist das Schloss Sitzenberg zu sehen
  • Schloss Traismauer bei Abend mit Kultursommerbühne

Fortresses & Castles

Take a stroll where emperors once dwelled, in magnificent castles and historical gardens. Or explore the former haunts of noble and less noble knights of old. Travel the Danube between Ybbs and Hainburg and discover a whole series of castles and fortresses and ruins.

Schloss Atzenbrugg

Atzenbrugg Castle

In the days of Franz Schubert, his friend Josef Derffel had an uncle who was the administrator of this estate. The uncle invited Schubert and his friends to visit for sociable...

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Burg Greifenstein

Castle Greifenstein

In the early 11th century built by the diocese of Passau, was the fate of the Castle full of events.In the 15th and 16th century the castle was several times set on fire and...

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Wolkenturm Grafenegg

Grafenegg Castle

A historic castle next to a futuristic open air stage in a landscaped park, a 19th century riding school next to a modern concert hall, and many more sights await you in...

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Schloss Sitzenberg-Reidling

Sitzenberg Castle

Four onion towers attest to the formidability of the prior fortress. Four stairways lead to several terraces that afford views far into the countryside. It has housed a secondary...

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Schloss Traismauer

Traismauer Castle

Traismauer Castle rests on the foundations of the Augustianis Cavalry Fort from Roman times. Today’s arcades once contained the stables; the soldiers were quartered on the first...

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