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Top cuisine, sophisticated wines, fascinating cultural treasures and picturesque landscapes – a holiday in the Danube region of Lower Austria promises a wealth of precious moments.

Enjoyment is available in abundance all along the Danube in Lower Austria: magnificent natural landscapes, sunny wine-growing terraces which soar above the majestic river and imposing monasteries, castles and ruins. Or you can enjoy internationally renowned wines and the finest cuisine from the region in the garden of a cosy wine tavern. The Danube runs through 260 kilometres of Lower Austria, passing through highly diverse landscapes on its way: the legendary Nibelungengau and elegant Wachau and the extensive Donauland winegrowing regions around Tulln such as the Wagram and Römerland Carnuntum - Marchfeld areas. Charming little towns with exciting histories, enticing places to relax and recharge your batteries. Perfect for a romantic weekend and enjoyable short break.

On the Danube cycle path

The internationally renowned Danube cycle trail runs parallel to the powerful silvery-blue river, showing off some of the most beautiful sights of the Danube in Lower Austria. The varied trail runs along the old towpaths, directly alongside the river, for most of the course. The North and South banks are both accessible to cyclists for the most part and bridges and ferries make crossing the river easy. It would, however, be a great shame to cycle the route without taking a break - there are so many enchanting areas where you can rest and enjoy the magnificent views of the landscape. If you wish, you can also enjoy parts of the route by boat. Liners and excursion boats run from Wachau to Vienna from mid-April to the end of October.

Hiking for pleasure
Hikers who love life's simple pleasures will want to explore what is probably one of Austria's most scenic distance-hiking routes. The new Wachau World Heritage Trail opened in June 2010 and is 180 kilometers long. It is divided into 14 legs and takes you through the rich past and fascinating present of the Wachau Valley. The scenic UNESCO World Heritage landscape of the Wachau is at your feet the entire time. Fans of good food and drink will thoroughly enjoy the many great restaurants and heurige wine taverns in the area.

Danube Ahoy
Some may prefer to explore the Danube in Lower Austria by boat, either as part of a river cruise from Passau via Vienna to Budapest or with one of the numerous boat trips on offer. Six boating companies operate in the wonderful river valleys of Nibelungengau and Wachau. They link together beautiful towns such as Krems, Spitz, Dürnstein and Melk. In addition to these white Danube ships, you can also travel by wooden boat or even by traditional barge. From May to the end of October, numerous themed boat trips are offered combining travel and pleasure, such as the Summer Solstice trip through Nibelungengau and Wachau.


Magnificent cultural treasures, charming river valley and a sunny internationally renowned wine-growing region make this area a work of art. Simply stop, look and enjoy. If you travel through the Wachau and Nibelungengau regions, you are sure to be struck by the pure perfection of the landscape: by the unusual mix of cultivated and wild nature, by the sheer sensual delights of the different areas or the interplay of different types of gardens characterise the landscape. Precisely-pattered monastery gardens in Melk and Göttweig, places of peace and tranquillity. Vineyards artistically placed on the primary rock terraces, supported by the characteristic stone walls. Everywhere Fruit orchards where the famous Wachau apricots grow and cosy outdoor dining areas which invite guests to sit and relax a while.

But there's yet more: traditional wine taverns, cosy bars, stylish guesthouses, exquisite award-winning restaurants - the region is a real paradise for those who enjoy the finer things in life: A refuge which offers tranquillity, a chance for contemplation and a range of fantastic opportunities.

As one of Austria's oldest cultural landscapes, the Wachau region was named as a landscape conservation area in 1955. In 1994, it was awarded the European Diploma of Protected Areas and in 2000 was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the only region on the Danube to receive the title. This title is awarded in recognition of the area's cultural landscape which has been populated for thousands of years by settlers living in harmony with nature.

The Tulln Danube region and Wagram wine-growing area

This stretch of the Lower Austrian Danube between Wachau and Vienna is characterised by its panoramic views, colourful mosaic-like landscape and historic settings. The Danube in this area is wide and powerful. There is almost always a breath of fresh air blowing across the huge fields, blowing cyclists gently towards their destination in the East.

To the North of the Danube are the sunny vineyards of Wagram. Here, the picturesque loess terraces with their narrow passes, romantic lanes of wine cellars and tranquil villages have a special flair of their own. The vineyards flourish here and you will have ample opportunity to sample some of these fine wines from the winegrowers themselves in the Wagram region. Typical of the region are the picturesque lanes of closely packed wine cellars where you can enjoy a glass of the local wine. These lanes really come to life during 'open cellar door' days and wine cellar lane festivals when the winegrowers open their doors to the public for three days, offering their own wines along with simple regional dishes.

The more refined palates will also be at home here amongst the traditional bars and famous names, some of which have won awards such as the Gastwirtschaft Floh in Langenlebarn and Sodoma in Tulln. Oberstockstall bei Kirchberg in Wagram and a range of excellent top landlords from the Lower Austrian Inn Culture Association all serve up delicious regional cuisine. You can also spend a night in style in one of the region's 32 'bon vivant' rooms (Genießerzimmer).

The range of cultural offers is as wide and varied as the mosaic landscapes of the Tulln Danube region. The region is increasingly developing into a meeting place for the fine arts. The range of events on offer over Summer is colourful and varied, ranging from theatre productions at the Stockerauer Festival to the versatile stages of Tulln, concert parties at the Atzenbrugg castle and concerts at the Korneuburg Summer of Music festival.

Römerland Carnuntum - Marchfeld

The varied Danube region of Römerland Carnuntum - Marchfeld is located between the international cities of Vienna and Bratislava. It is here that the Pannonian plain begins - a broad and fertile area of land with very few inclines. It was once a borderland with the East but is now an up-and-coming region committed to enticing visitors into its magnificent world. There is no shortage of beautiful areas here: the Archaeology Park Carnuntum describes the area's Roman living and Roman history in an exciting and cleverly devised presentation.

You can really feel the Baroque zest for life at the Schloss Hof and Schloss Niederweiden castles in Marchfeld. They sparkle following a recent comprehensive renovation and represent culture at the highest level. The Donau-Auen national park is characterised by still ponds, impenetrable wilderness and rare plants and animals and is one of Europe's last virgin forests. Regular guided tours and dinghy and canoe trips are held along the backwaters of the Danube. The young winegrowers of the Carnuntum winegrowing region offer internationally respected wines. In Marchfeld - Austria's market garden - fresh produce is farmed all year round. Most famous is the Marchfeld asparagus.

If you'd prefer to explore the sporting activities on offer in the Römerland Carnuntum - Marchfeld region, the area is widely accessible by bike. A network of footpaths also runs through the romantic wine cellar lanes and gently rolling hills. Or up to the heights of the Hundsheim mountains to the Königswarte and Kaisereiche viewpoints.

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