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Korneuburg Local Museum

  • Heimatmuseum Korneuburg

Dr. Max Burckhard-Ring 11 ,
2100 Korneuburg

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Stadtgemeinde Korneuburg
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  • Heimatmuseum Korneuburg

Today’s cultural center was erected as a city bath with tubs and showers in 1908 in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph I.

The public bath was built in 1908 and was changed into a museum in the 1960s. In 1989 it was converted into a cultural center because of its significance to the historical center of town. It houses the museum society and several informative and well-done exhibits about the town.

Public arrival is easily accessible by train or bus.


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Opening hours

every sunday 9-12 clock and by appointment, special tours for school classes, special opening times at events.