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Eichenhain Nature Park

  • Hagenbachklamm im Eichenhain
  • Eichenhain im Herbst
  • eichenhain-karte

Hilbertpromenade 9a,
3400 Maria Gugging

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Erlebnispark Eichenhain

  • Hagenbachklamm im Eichenhain
  • Eichenhain im Herbst
  • eichenhain-karte

The nature park Eichenhain comprises the Vienna woodlot between Klosterneuburg and St. Andrä-Wördern.
Characteristic are the beech and oak forests on gentle elevations up to 500 m with interspersed meadows whose slopes reach close to the Danube.

The "Eichenhain Nature Park" offers approx. 3847 ha of primeval Vienna Woods landscape, approx. 34 km of marked hiking trails.

Excellent facilities and excursion destinations

  • Künstlerweg of the "Gugging Artists" ("Art Brut")
  • Fruit trail
  • Bird of prey breeding station of Unterkirchbach
  • Hagenbachklamm
  • Mountain bike routes
  • Cross-country skiing trail
  • Klosterneuburg’s Wine Adventure Trail

Entrance of the municipality of Klosterneuburg: Kierling (Haselbacherstraße), Weidling (Reichergasse), Klosterneuburg town (upper town cemetery)
Entrances between St. Andrä v.d. Hgt. and Maria Gugging - at the bend - entrance to the Hagenbachklamm.

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