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Canoe Touring in Tulln

  • Kanufahren Tulln
  • Kanutouren Tulln
  • Kanus, Kanufahren Tulln

Schießstattgasse 2-4/8/5,
3430 Tulln an der Donau

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Kanutouren Tulln
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  • Kanufahren Tulln
  • Kanutouren Tulln
  • Kanus, Kanufahren Tulln

An unforgettable experience and the perfect outing for kids and adults! Canoe touring is for everyone - THE classic activity for all nature lovers. People gather about 9 in the morning at the Tulln campgrounds. After a brief check of equipment and provisions, the canoing groups head over to the point of departure on the opposite bank of the Danube. After everyone is assigned canoes and given a short lesson, the teams launch their boats on the water. Everyday cares quickly melt away in this scenic wetland wilderness... At the weirs, it is time to take a picnic break and be treated to fascinating insights into the wetlands.

The canoeists return to the Tulln campgrounds around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Public arrival is easily accessible by train or bus.

Opening hours

april to october by appointment

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