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Regentag, Hundertwasser’s Ship

  • Hundertwasserschiff "Regentag"
  • Hundertwasserschiff "Regentag"
  • Hundertwasserschiff "Regentag"
  • Hundertwasserschiff "Regentag"

Donaulände ,
3430 Tulln an der Donau

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Hundertwasserschiff Regentag
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  • Hundertwasserschiff "Regentag"
  • Hundertwasserschiff "Regentag"
  • Hundertwasserschiff "Regentag"
  • Hundertwasserschiff "Regentag"

Hundertwasser’s Heart and Soul 

The Regentag played a central role in the life of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, a famous 20th c Austrian artist. It served as his home, his country and his studio for ten years. He lived and painted on it for ten years.

The Regentag, the ship of the great Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, lies at the marina in Tulln. Looking out over it, you can imagine how the artist may have lived during this period.

Floating Work of Art & Home

Friedensreich Hundertwasser lived and painted on the Regentag for ten years. It was his home, his country, his studio. Regentag (rainy day in English) is Hundertwasser’s third name. It is the name he gave his ship and his ship gave the name back to him.

More Than a Century Old, Colorfully Rendered

Hundertwasser acquired the Regentag in 1968 as a Sicilian cargo ship. Seven years were spent converting the ship at various ports. Hundertwasser likewise had the ship lengthened from 12 to 15 meters and asymmetrical superstructures added.

Sailing the Seven Seas

After several sea trials in the Mediterranean, the Regentag took off from Venice on a grand 18 month voyage to New Zealand via Panama. In February 2004 the Regentag was transferred to Tulln for a Hundertwasser show. It came first by sea on a container ship from New Zealand to Hamburg and then by road on a flat-bed truck from Hamburg to Tulln.

Public arrival is easily accessible by train or bus.

Opening hours

The ship can be visited by prior arrangement.
Please call +43(0) 2272 690135


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