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Hiking vacation

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One of Austria's most splendid long-distance hiking trails can be explored in the Wachau - Nibelungengau - Kremstal region. The 180 km Wachau World Heritage Trail Trail passes by gently rolling vineyards, rugged cliffs and historic ruins in its 14 sections. Anyone who has always wanted to make a pilgrimage on the Way of Saint James can do a shorter and scenic version of it on the section of this pilgrimage route going along the Danube in Lower Austria. Besides the well-known Wachau leg between the two Benedictine monasteries of Göttweig and Melk, you are also encouraged to explore the next leg, from Melk to Persenbeug in the Nibelungengau. As you hike through the region, you take in the scenic Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape, and have ample opportunity to unwind and relax.

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