• Blick auf den Wohnbereich des Genießerappartementes "Smaragd" beim Donauwirt in Weißenkirchen. Die Sonne scheint durch das Erkerfenster auf eine schöne Essgruppe aus dunklem Holz und eine blumig bezogene Couch.
  • Wachauer Nächte in den komfortablen Gutshofzimmern im Prandtauerhof genießen
  • Neues großzügiges Genießerzimmer in Rottönen mit Terrasse im Hotel Ringl Wachau

Bon Vivant Rooms in the Danube District of Lower Austria

Bon vivant rooms in the Danube district of Lower Austria are top addresses where you can let the scenic beauty and culinary delights of the region captivate and inspire you. These premium rooms are designed by hosts unmatched in their love of the region, the pleasure they get from providing enjoyment and the imaginative packages they devise.

Bon vivant rooms are only found in lodgings with a special flair. They are regularly checked and must meet a number of criteria. The rooms must be nicely appointed and the entire lodging must have a comfortable atmosphere where guests are pampered and can relax.