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  • Weinbauort Spitz
  • Burg Oberranna in Mühldorf
  • Welterbesteig Wachau-Logo
  • Aussicht vom Spitzer Graben
  • Steinterrassen in der Wachau
  • Am Panoramaweg im Spitzer Graben
  • Regionale Schmankerl beim Heurigen in der Wachau genießen
  • Ausg'steckt is bei den Wachauer Heurigen
Tour length
10.89 km
04:00 h
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487/345 Hm
Lowest point
226 Hm
Highest point
446 Hm
Altitude profile
  • Weinbauort Spitz
  • Burg Oberranna in Mühldorf
  • Welterbesteig Wachau-Logo
  • Aussicht vom Spitzer Graben
  • Steinterrassen in der Wachau
  • Am Panoramaweg im Spitzer Graben
  • Regionale Schmankerl beim Heurigen in der Wachau genießen
  • Ausg'steckt is bei den Wachauer Heurigen

Through the imposing side valley of the Wachau called Spitzer Graben the panoramic way leads from Spitz to Mühldorf. Starting at the Wachau area and ending the stage at the southern part of the wood quarter of Lawer Austria. The steepest and highest stone terraces, old oak and beech woods, wine villages, romantic castle „Oberranna“ and unique impressions and fantastic views into the Spitzer Graben, towards the Danube and the Jauerling await you on this stage.

Wachau World Heritage Trail: from Spitz to Mühldorf (Spitzer Graben)

Starting at wine village Spitz in the heart of the Wachau the way leads along vineyards and hills with great views like „Tausendeimerberg“ (thousand buckets of wine harvestet on this vineyard) and Setzberg (also a famous vineyard) into the imposing stone terraces and wine growing landscape of Spitzer Graben. You are walking through wonderful vineyards, oak and beech woods and pass three rest huts operated by the association „Marivino“ and finally reach Muthstall (valley). Via Niederranna you get to romantic castle Oberranna and there you follow the creek „Rannabach“ downwards to Kalvarienberg (Calvary). Always along the creek „Ötzbach“ the way leads gently down to Unterranna and moving along to destination Mühldorf.

More details

Tour length
Starting point
Spitz, Kirchenplatz (church square)
Point of arrival
Mühldorf, Marktplatz (market square)
Getting there

Highway A1 until exit Melk, following B3 to Spitz or via B3 and B217 to Mühldorf.


The hiking tour starts at church square in Spitz and you follow Friedhofgasse (cemetery alley) westwards. At the nature park „BIOthek“ you turn left into a narrow path leading up to Tausendeimerberg. On top you get a great view of picturesque Spitz and of course the river Danube. On the right side along a gravel path through the vineyards you walk down to district Quitten. Here you stay left and in Radlbach you are turning right and get into the wonderful vineyards at the Setzberg (hill). To the left making a big bend, the way leads along nature monument Setzberg to the first rest hut of association „Marivino“. At the back of the hut the way leads left down the „Laabener Graben“ (ditch) and you reach the restplace and stamp station of winery Helmut Donabaum. There you keep right and walk towards nature monument Vogelsang (birdsong) on a paved wine trail, also precious dry grassland and picturesque stone terraces are to be seen.

At a wayside shrine you turn left and after a few minutes you get into the vineyards. You keep following the track uphill and reach the end of the vineyards. Now you follow the path until Zornbergweg (walkingway). A little time later Zornberghütte (rest hut) invites you for a rest. Its open from May to October only on Sundays from 11a.m. till 4.p.m. run by a winegrower of the association „Marivino“. Afterwards you follow the way through a natural oak wood and pass the third rest hut and the weather cross. At the crossing at vineyard Eichberg you turn right going on to Muthstall. At the village you cross Bengelbach (creek) via a little bridge and walk uphill to Niederranna. Passing the pictureque Baroque castle „Prandhof“ and the church you walk through the village and follow the street leading to castle Oberranna. You enter the garden of the castle and walk to the gate. In front of the gate you turn left and follow the the castle track to Mühldorf. Via the „Florianistiege“ (stairs) you reach market square with the mill wheel.


Hiking boots, raincoat, enough to eat and drink, a trail map and maybe a list of open taverns. You can find an equipmentlist on www.welterbesteig.at section service/tips.

Safety guidelines

The rest huts along the way are not serviced and there is no opportunity to refill your water bottles. Only the „Zornberghütte“ (rest hut) is open every Sunday from May 1st to October 31st, where wine growers from the association „Marivino“ sell regional products (wine, juice and water), more information: www.spitz-wachau.com

In case of an emergency call the mountain rescue Wachau: 140

Additional Information

For restaurants and accommodation we recommend „Best of Wachau“ businesses: www.bestof-wachau.at. You find „Best of Wachau“ members in Spitz and Mühldorf.

Further opportunities for restaurants, taverns and cafes and opening hours:

Several restaurants and cafes are located in Spitz and Mühldorf. In Mühldorf both restaurants (Gasthaus Siebenhandl, www.7handl.at; 0043(0)2713/8257, und Gasthaus Busch/Niederranna, 0043(0)2713/8201) are closed. Exception: In July,August and September Gasthaus Siebenhandl opens also on Mondays.

Please note the shortened opening times of restaurants in Spitz in winter: www.spitz-wachau.at

Taverns are in Spitz and Laaben (stamp station family Donabaum). Several taverns in Spitz are open during winter time. Please see the current calendar for opening hours (Heurigenkalender) at www.welterbesteig.at.

For easy and convenient organization of the tours its good to have the Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal application. Just download for Android or iPhone.