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  • MS Agency/Robert Vrlák
  • Steve Haider
  • Steve Haider
  • Event Schifffahrt Haider

Prospects and insights: diversity along the Danube

The route is indicated as being on the north bank because this is the last section of the overall north bank route, but the route actually runs mainly south of the Danube. Leaving Hainburg, you pass the first spurs of the Carpathian Mountains and cross the Austrian-Slovak border to arrive at the capital city of Bratislava, where numerous sights around the hilltop castle await you


This stage is short and easy - a good chance to unhurriedly explore the medieval city Hainburg. With its 2.5 km long city wall, three medieval city gates and large 13th c towers, Hainburg boasts one of the oldest and best-preserved town fortifications in Europe.

Up on castle rock (Schlossberg) you can look forward to an authentically medieval atmosphere around the extensive castle ruins and impressive vistas. Braunsberg, a hill at the outskirts of Hainburg, also affords you sweeping views extending far into Slovakia.

You cross the border near the small town of Wolfsthal and soon reach the suburbs of the Slovakian capital Bratislava. The Slovakian capital has plenty of sights in store for you as a fitting conclusion to your bicycle tour:

The four-tower castle perched on a rock 85 meters above the Danube is the landmark of the city. It burned down in 1811 and was not rebuilt until 1968. In the historical center you find one Baroque palace after another and churches big and small in between. The Slovakian National Museum, the National Theatre and the Jewish Museum are also part of many sightseeing itineraries.

If you want to say a proper goodbye to the Danube, your ever-changing companion on this bicycle tour, take a walk along the riverbanks. They are so multi-faceted in Bratislava, ranging from bathing beaches to beach parties. And you may well clink glasses on your successful bicycle tour in the restaurant at the top of a bridge pier of the New Bridge. Because of its shape the locals have dubbed it “UFO”.

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On the A4 in Vienna take exit 19 Fischamend and continue on the B9 till you reach Hainburg an der Donau.

Hainburg - Bratislava

Route description:

You start your tour in Hainburg in the immediate vicinity of the Hainburger Pforte (Hainburg/Devin Gate), a small geological gap between the Carpathian Mountains and the foothills of the eastern Alps. This gate has been of great strategic importance over the centuries. Hainburg Castle and Devin Fortress are both part of a medieval defense line. In recent history it formed part of the Iron Curtain.

You travel along the B9, which has a bike path running on its north side. Just before Bratislava, the road and bike path diverge. After lengthy left and right bends, you reach the Slovakian capital, enjoying the waterfront and the view of Bratislava Castle. Then you say your goodbyes to the Danube, which has been a faithful companion on this trip.