Danube Ships & Ferries

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Boat Adventure auf dem Wasser

Boat Adventure Wachau

Charter a boat and explore this World Heritage landscape on a cruise of your own making.Enjoy several unforgettable hours on the Danube with friends, family or business associates....

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DDSG Blue Danube Schiffahrt

DDSG Blue Danube

The 1st DDSG (= Erste Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft) had a long tradition on the Danube extending back to 1829. With its recent successor DDSG Blue Danube, you can enjoy...

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Kristallschiff © Wurm + Köck

Donauschifffahrt Wurm & Noé

This shipping enterprise operates 13 vessels and serves the Passau - Linz - Wachau - Vienna section of the Danube. Along with day trips and themed cruises, it also offers getaway...

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The Danube Stations, 37 landing stations from Linz to Budapest, are "anchor points" for ships but also for guests. They are places to stop for a break and to explore and enjoy the...

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Fähre Wachau © Gregor Semrad

Donau-Taxi Wachau

These taxis operate between Spitz and Krems on both banks from March 30 to October 11, 2018. Zilli is a boat taxi suitable for up to seven passengers. Hechtnockerl is a boat taxi...

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Motorboot Taxi Kapitän Martin Weber

Motorboot Taxi Wachau

Fascinating trips through the locks or nighttime cruises from Spitz an der Donau downstream past Weissenkirchen, Dürnstein and Krems and beyond to Traismauer, ... These motorboat...

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Motoryacht Wachau © Engelbert Maurer

Motoryacht Wachau

For a wedding, birthday, beach party with friends? How about experiencing Dürnstein, Krems, Spitz or other Wachau highlights from the water? Or simply enjoy a few memorable hours...

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Naufahrt © Lachlan Blair


This ride consists of rafting downstream from Melk or Emmersdorf into the Wachau, a World Heritage landscape.Danube tours are conducted in the Wachowia and the Hinterhaus, two 10 m...

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