• Die Weingärten der Wachau mit Blick auf Spitz an der Donau
  • Weinstraße Kamptal im Herbst, bei Schönberg
  • Weinstöcke im Frühling, Wachau
  • Pärchen im Weingarten mit Ausblick auf das Traisental.
  • Ein Pärchen genießt in der Frühlingssonne eine Jause im Weingarten und der Winzer redet mit Ihnen

The "Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus" association is arguably the most prestigiouswinemakers association in Austria. Numbering just 25 Wachau wine estates which vowedthe "celibacy of Wachau winegrowing" in the founding year of 1983, Vinea Wachau todaycounts 200 members.

For the clear positioning of Wachau wine, the winemakers not only laid down strict geographic borders, but also a very clear definition of the Wachau style of wine.
"Steinfeder", "Federspiel" and "Smaragd" have become terms familiar to every lover of Austrian wines worldwide and are immediately associated with the Wachau. The wines may only be produced by members of Vinea Wachau.

They cultivate some 85 per cent of the Wachau's wine-growing areas and are especially committed to the protection, quality and reputation of Wachau wine. The Codex Wachau and the brands Steinfeder®,Federspiel® and Smaragd® stand for natural wine production, guaranteed origin andstrict voluntary controls.


Vinea Wachau Büro
Schlossgasse 3
A-3620 Spitz / Donau

+43 2713 30000-12 office@vinea-wachau.at learn more

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