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Traismauer Castle Fortresses & Castles

Traismauer Castle
Hauptplatz 1,
3133 Traismauer

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Stadtgemeinde Traismauer
+43 2783 8651
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Traismauer Castle rests on the foundations of the Augustianis Cavalry Fort from Roman times. Today’s arcades once contained the stables; the soldiers were quartered on the first upper floor.

The civilian settlement extended to the east of the cavalry fort. The outlines of several simple stone buildings were found during excavations. A graveled Roman street with a fountain along it ran up to the fortification.

From 860 onward, Traismauer Castle was owned for about 1,000 years by Salzburg and served as a nursing center of the church. The coat-of-arms of Bishop Harrach in the courtyard of the castle dates to this period. In the meantime, the city of Traismauer owns the castle. It is a favorite venue for top cultural events during the local summer cultural festival (Kultursommer Traismauer) and for private occasions such as weddings.

Traismauer Castle had a great cultural significance even in the Middle Ages. Several verses of The Lay of the Nibelung tell how Kriemhild stayed for four nights with her retinue at Traismauer Castle before her meeting with Etzel, King of the Huns, aka Attila the Hun.

The eventful history of Traismauer is shown by several witnesses of these times in the castle yard. There visitors can find two milestones from Ancient Roman times as well as a Celtic gravestone and several Roman ones.

The cellar of the castle contains further treasures. The Regio Tragisana castle wine shop offers a selection of the best wines from the up-and-coming Traisen Valley wine region (Traisental in German).

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Traismauer Parish Church

The Traismauer parish church in baroque style also has a long history. In the early 9th c, Traismauer was a major town in the eastern county of Charlemagne's empire.

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