• Donau im Nibelungengau mit der Stadt Ybbs im Hintergrund
  • Donaukraftwerk Ybbs-Persenbeug, Nibelungengau
  • Basilika Maria Taferl

Ybbs an der Donau, Danube Ship Station No. 4

Ybbs an der Donau stands out because of its unique location as the gateway between the Strudengau and the Nibelungengau. The historical center has undergone an exemplary renovation and is an inviting place to stroll and linger with its romantic courtyards, Powder Tower and burgher homes from the 15th and 16th c. www.ybbs.gv.at 

Worth seeing

Donaukraftwerk Ybbs-Persenbeug, Nibelungengau

Ybbs Bicycle Museum
Here visitors can admire, touch and in some cases even try out wooden balance bicycles, massively built crank-and-pedal bicycles, spectacular high-wheel bicycles and elegant Waffenrad bicycles from imperial times http://www.ybbs.gv.at/ybbs-die-stadt/tourismuskultur/fahrradmuseum/ 

Ybbs-Persenbeug Danube Power Station
Austria's oldest Danube power station went on line back in 1959. Here visitors can immerse themselves in the world of hydroelectric power generation. www.kraftwerksfuehrungen.at 

The doors to the bakery are wide open. On a peak behind the scenes, visitors experience the fascinating world of bread and the art of baking. www.haubis.com 

Museum "Erlauf remembers"
Erlauf is known as the "Community of Peace" and just opened a museum called "Erlauf remembers" in the old town hall. This exhibition presents the story of World World II and the end of the war. www.erlauferinnert.at 

Basilika Maria Taferl

Maria Taferl Pilgrimage Church
Pilgrims flock to this pilgrimage site with its splendid panoramic view of the Danube to visit the Baroque basilica and the treasure chamber with its many votive offerings, www.basilika.at 

Oskar Kokoschka Museum
The famous Austrian painter Oskar Kokoschka was born in Pöchlarn. His birthplace houses the Kokoschka Documentation Center and provides insights into this great Expressionist's life and work. www.oskarkokoschka.at 

MostBirnHaus Ardagger
Mostbirnhaus means "cider pear house" in English and has an engaging exhibition about the life of pears from blossom time to finished product. Award-winning pear ciders from the best cider producers in the Mostviertel (cider quarter) can be found here and the biggest choice of ciders in Austria. www.mostbirnhaus.at 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
On foot Ybbs Bicycle Museum ca. 500 m 3 min.
Bus Ybbs-Persenbeug Danube Power Station 2 km 5 min.
Haubiversum 7,7 km 15 min.
Museum "Erlauf remembers" 11 km 15 min.
Maria Taferl Pilgrimage Church 13,5 km 20 min.
Oskar Kokoschka Museum 15 km 20 min.
Mostbirnhaus Ardagger 28 km 30 min.

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Service Information

Danube Ship Startion No. 4
Right bank
River marker km: 2058,750
Docking order: 35 m
Parking for 3 buses

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