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Melk, Danube Ship Station No. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 35

This city is at the foot of the famous Benedictine monastery visible from miles around and has always been an important center of trade. "The Red Thread" circuit trail is a vivid way to experience the history of the city of Melk and its historical sights. Highlights are Rathausplatz and the remainders of the city walls. www.stadt-melk.at

Worth seeing

Melk Abbey
Right along the Danube, there is a fascinating Baroque complex visible from far and wide: Melk Abbey, one of the most impressive Baroque structures in Austria. www.stiftmelk.at 

Schallaburg is one of the most significant Renaissance castles north of the Alps. It presents exhibitions that change annually and that explore the exciting issues of our times with a finger on the pulse of society. www.schallaburg.at 

Aggsbach Charterhouse
This charterhouse is a former monastery of the Carthusian Order. Visitors can tour the Carthusian museum and church. The hammer mill in Aggsbach Markt offers demonstrations on how the hammer mill works. http://kartause-aggsbach.at 

Oskar Kokoschka Museum
The famous Austrian painter Oskar Kokoschka was born in Pöchlarn. His birthplace houses the Kokoschka Documentation Center and provides insights into this great Expressionist's life and work. www.oskarkokoschka.at 

Aggstein Ruins
At this former fortress of robber knights, wooden walkways take visitors to stairs, courtyards and towers. Tours take visitors back in time to the knights' everyday routines and medieval life. www.ruineaggstein.at 

Servite Monastery in Schönbühel
Perched on a cliff above the Danube, this former monastery offers lovely views of the river and interesting tours through a well-preserved monastic complex. www.kloster-schoenbuehel.at 

City tours in Melk
"The Red Thread" circuit tour through lovely downtown Melk goes from the center of town to the old post office, the municipal fountain in the elegant residential area, and on to the ship master's house (Schiffmeisterhaus). Melk Abbey is within walking distance.
Information & reservations:Donau Incoming, incoming@donau.com 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
On foot Melk Abbey 1,5 km 5 min.
Bus Melk Abbey 3 km 10 min.
  Schallaburg 11 km 15 min.
  Aggsbach Charterhouse 11 km 15 min.
  Oskar Kokoschka Museum 12 km 18 min.
  Aggstein Ruins 15 km 20 min.
  Servite Monastery in Schönbühel 9 km 12 min.

Service information

Danube Ship Station No. 7
Right bank
River marker km: 2036,229
Docking order: 2

Danube Ship Station No. 8
Right bank
River marker km: 2035,984
Docking order: 2

Danube Ship Station No. 9
Right bank
River marker km: 2035,793
Docking order: 3

Ship-Station: No. 10
Right bank
River marker km: MA-km 0,350
Docking order: 2

Ship Station: No. 11
Right bank
River marker km: MA-km 0,285
Docking order: 18 m

Ship Station: No. 35
Right bank
River marker km: 2036,425
Docking order: 3

Parking for 8 buses