• Emmersdorf in der Wachau
  • Schloss Leiben, Nibelungengau
  • Wachaubahn

Emmerdorf, Danube Ship Station No. 12

Emmersdorf affords perhaps the most stunning view of Melk Abbey. The town also has an impressive historical center with Rothenhof Castle, vintner houses from the 16th c or the Romanesque-Gothic fortress chapel ruins in Gossam. www.emmersdorf.at 

Worth seeing

This old rail line runs through the heart of the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape. It is a special tourist attraction because as it travels along, passengers are treated to wonderful views of the terraced vineyards and of this landscape so shaped by the Danube. www.noevog.at 

Leiben Castle
Known as the Castle of Europe, this structure houses a remarkable collection of historical and agricultural machinery and is a picturesque venue for special events. www.schloss-leiben.at 

Venusium Willendorf
This museum is near the spot where the famous female figurine Venus of Willendorf was found and displays artifacts from the Paleolithic Age. A walk to the site of the find is well worthwhile. www.venusium.at 

Melk Abbey
Right along the Danube, there is a fascinating Baroque complex visible from far and wide: Melk Abbey, one of the most impressive Baroque structures in Austria. www.stiftmelk.at 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
Bus Wachau rail line 1,6 km 5 min.
  Leiben Castle 6 km 10 min.
  Venusium 12,6 km 15 min.
  Melk Abbey 4 km 5 min.

Service Information

Danube Ship Station: No. 12
Left bank
River marker km: 2036,100
Docking order: 3
Parking for 4 buses