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Pfarrkirche Großriedenthal

  • Pfarrkirche Großriedenthal
  • Pfarrkirche Großriedenthal

The Grossriedenthal church was built on this site prior to 1786.

Grossriedenthal once belonged to Ravelsbach Parish and has been associated with Melk Abbey for time immemorial through this original parish. The oldest information about the parish’s existence is from the year 1265. It was probably already an independent parish at the time. The church back then was likely a small stone church. Parts of today’s tower could be from that church.

Today’s church was built in 1768 based on plans by the Vienna master builder Josef Gerl. The main altar features a signed picture of St. Lorenz, the patron saint of the church, painted in 1769 by Martin Johann Schmidt, aka Kremser Schmidt.