• Pärchen in der Kellergasse © Martina Siebenhandl
  • Kellergassenfest Rohrendorf © Weinstraße Kremstal, POV Robert Herbst
  • Weißenkirchen Landschaft © Robert Herbst
  • Kellergassenfest Krems-Thallern © Weinstraße Kremstal, POV Robert Herbst
  • Kellergasse Rohrendorf © Martina Siebenhandl
  • Kellergassenfest Rohrendorf © Weinstraße Kremstal, POV Robert Herbst
  • Kellergasse am Wagram
  • Kellergassenfest Rohrendorf © Weinstraße Kremstal, POV Robert Herbst
  • Ausblick Wachau © pov.at Robert Herbst

Cellar-lined Lane Festivals

Gently rolling hills covered with vineyards nestling one against the other blend harmoniously into the landscape of the wine regions along the Danube in Lower Austria. Wine is the livelihood for many people in the region and has a long tradition.

In fact, viticulture has a two-thousand year (cultural) history along the Danube. The Celts and Illyrians are believed to have pressed wine from wild grapes long before then, but systematic cultivation began at the time of the Roman occupation. The Bavarian dioceses and monasteries probably built the first terraced vineyards in the Wachau in the Middle Ages. Viticulture reached a heyday at the time, with large parts of today's Vienna planted in grapevines and the monasteries exporting their already in-depth knowledge of wine into the Danube region - a development that has left visible and delectable traces down to the present day.

From the Wachau to the gateway of Vienna, white wines are the predominant varieties whereas powerful reds prevail in Carnuntum in far-eastern Lower Austria. The most authentic way of experiencing these excellent vintages is at cellar-lined lane festivals and at traditional heurige wine taverns. Whether you opt for a wine festival in one of the picturesque cellar-lined lanes in the different wine regions or other types of oenophile events - enjoying wine outdoors is a favorite pastime along the Danube in Lower Austria from May to September.

Weinstöcke im Frühling, Wachau

Winegrowing Regions along the Danube

Ancient wine culture and ultra-modern wineries. Venerable customs and elegant wine events. The finest white wines in the world and warm sociability at down-to-earth heuriger wine taverns. The wine regions along the Danube in Lower Austria lead you through unique wine country full of contrasts and new experiences.

A Primer on the Winegrowing Regions

Wine Encounters & Wine Seminars

All along the Danube - from the Wachau to Carnuntum - there are countless opportunities to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of wine at wine seminars, wine tasting sessions or hikes with trained wine guides.

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Cellar-lined Lane Festivals and Culinary Highlights

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Weingläser © Martina Siebenhandl

Ahrenberg Cellar-lined Lane Festival

Wine tasting and delicious delicacies from the Traisen Valley are in store for visitors in May at the Ahrenberg Cellar-lined Lane Festival. On Saturday and Sunday, interested guests can also take part in a free wine companion tour. One special feature of this cellar-lined lane is that it operates year-round. That means it is also Austria's longest cellar-lined lane operated year-round.

Dates in 2019: June 6 and 7

Gemütliche Kellergasse in Abendstimmung, Kamptal

Etsdorf Cellar-lined Lane Festival

In July, wine makers serve guests tasty treats from the Kamp Valley at the charming cellar-lined lane in Etsdorf.

Dates in 2020: July 17 to 19

Aufführung, Theater in der Kellergasse © Stephan Nistler

Cellar-lined Lane Theater

Every summer a troupe called Kellergassencompagnie performs in another of the many romantic cellar-lined lanes in Wagram.

Dates in 2020: July 30 to August 15

Kellergassenfest am Sauberg, Kamptal

Cellar-lined Lane Festival on Sauberg

In August, the wine makers of the Kamp Valley open their cellars in the cellar-lined lane, giving visitors a chance to taste wines and regional delicacies while talking shop with wine makers. This lane affords a unique vista of the wine metropolis of Langenlois and the LOISIUM.

Dates in 22020: August 28 to 30

Kostbares Kamptal © POV, Robert Herbst

Delectable Kamp Valley

For two weeks from late August to mid September, a large number of renowned wineries in the Kamp Valley open their doors to present their Kamptal DAC Reserve wines from 2018. Wine also takes center stage in numerous culinary events.

Dates in 2020: August 28 to September 13

Wine taverns

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