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  • Weingläser © Martina Siebenhandl
  • Weingenuss inmitten Kamptaler Weingärten
  • Weingenuss in der Kellergasse Arbesthal, Carnuntum
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  • Herbstlandschaft Kirchberg am Wagram © Robert Herbst
  • Herbstlandschaft Dürnstein © Robert Herbst
  • Ahrenberger- Eichberger Kellergasse © Niederösterreich Werbung, Michal Petrů

Weinherbst along the Danube

The wine regions along the Danube in Lower Austria don their most stunning colors in the autumn, creating an irresistible backdrop for strolls through vineyards, to scenic spots and legendary hilltops.

This palette of colors is as diverse as Weinherbst itself, an array of events to celebrate wine and autumn along the Danube in Lower Austria. This is a chance to experience the many customs surrounding wine - authentic and down-to-earth. A chance to meet the wine makers and learn first-hand about their approach to wine - traditional yet innovative.

Numerous festivals - culinary and cultural, musical and literary - offer wonderful opportunities to celebrate the new vintage far into November.

Red-letter Dates in Weinherbst

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The Kamp Valley and the wine road of the same name are in the very heart of Lower Austria. One unmistakable wine landmark is Heiligenstein, a hill sporting the top single vineyard in the region. Another must is the spectacular wine experience at the Loisium World of Wine.

This winegrowing region along the Kamp River (marketed with its German name "Kamptal") has 3,802 hectares of vineyards, making it the largest and most successful one in Lower Austria. Its primary-rock, clay and loess soils provide excellent conditions for grapes to enjoy vigorous and healthy growth. Langenlois is the center of the Kamp Valley and produces more wine than any other municipality in Austria.

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What is a heuriger?

“Heurig” is an adjective in Austrian dialect that means “this year.” It refers to “this year’s” wine, i.e. the new wine, as well as to the winemakers’ premises where they are allowed to serve their own wine to the public along with simple down-to-earth foods. These heurige are typical of the wine regions in Lower Austria. A genuine heuriger is open only at certain times of the year. A few fir or conifer twigs hung out (ausgesteckt) at the entrance to the house indicate that the heuriger is open.

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Primary-rock, clay and loess soils predominate in the Kamp Valley around Langenlois, the municipality that produces more wine than any other in Austria. Heiligenstein is a legendary single vineyard that is the source of several world-renowned vintages and affords an impressive view of the entire region. A special highlight for wine enthusiasts is the Loisium World of Wine, offering an underground tour through the world of winegrowing.

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