Welcome to the Danube region known as Römerland Carnuntum - Marchfeld

The Römerland Carnuntum - Marchfeld region located between Vienna and Bratislava has so many different little worlds to explore. You can immerse yourself in the world of the Ancient Romans at Carnuntum Archeological Park or enter the world of the baroque era at the lovely Marchfeld country estates. Or you can explore the fascinating world of the Danube wetlands (Nationalpark Donau-Auen). Culinary delights are a magnet for gourmets. The tables of this region are richly laid – with wine from the Carnuntum wine region, asparagus from the Marchfeld, fish from the Danube. A number of delightful addresses await you – from cozy country inns to fine award-winning restaurants.

Terrasse Schloss Hof, Marchfeld

Museums & Exhibitions

On a visit to Carnuntum, the Ancient Roman period comes back to life. Carnuntum, the imperial city, is born again. For the first time anywhere in the world, a part of an Ancient Roman city was reconstructed at the open-air museum in Petronell. Baroque splendor and zest for life are in the air at Schloss Hof ...

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Schloss Eckartsau, Marchfeld

Fortresses & Castles

During the baroque era, Vienna society discovered the vast expanses of the Marchfeld and gently rolling hills of the Leithagebirge as relaxing refuges and profitable hunting grounds. Families who took pride in themselves built a country estate there.

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Your First Visit to the Danube

There is so much to explore along the Danube! We are here to give you an overview of the big range of available choices so you can put together your dream vacation quickly and easily. To the left you will find entry points to help you find your destinations for exploring the Danube in Lower Austria.

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Wein Römerland Carnuntum

Carnuntum Experience

Enjoy the series of events Carnuntum Experience 365 days long! As you can taste wonderful wines and experience exciting adventures in the winegrowing region Carnuntum during the whole year the Carnuntum Experience has now been extended. To a year full of enjoyment!

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Orth Wild Garlic Days

In the town of Orth on the Danube, the first weekend in April is devoted to a celebration of a wonderful plant: wild garlic. Orth stages a weekend full of culture, culinary treats, information, entertainment and sports, all revolving around wild garlic. Orth Wild Garlic Days are held in and around the castle.

Kellergasse in Prellenkirchen, Carnuntum

Wine Spring

Wine Spring events in the Lower Austrian Danube region are a good opportunity in the wine year to sample the winemaker’s various wines and stock up on wine. Wine Spring takes place from late April to the beginning of May every year. Wachau Wine Spring is recommended, for example, as is Spring Awakening on the Wagram, the New Wine Fest in Göttlesbrunn and the 3-valley Wine Spring in the Kamp, Krems and Traisen Valleys.

Gladiatoren beim Kampf im Amphitheater Militärstadt Bad Deutsch-Altenburg


Look forward to exciting living history events on our four-day Roman Festival with gladiators, legionaries, a theatre play, tasty Roman food, a delightful children's program and much more.

Dates in 2020: May 30 to 31, June 06 to 07

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